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Central Protection’s Concierge Services
Concierge Services in throughout Alberta
Central Protection’s concierge service combines “gatekeeper” and front desk responsibilities to ensure that the needs of both property management, and tenant and resident security, are met. These services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our concierge services are mix of security officer and building ambassador duties provided to your tenants and residents. We extend the functionality of your in-house building services team. We are NOT the typical “security guards”, wearing arm patches, whose main function is to control access into buildings and facilities.
Our concierge service is based on our “customer partnership” philosophy and our ability to tailor a courtesy officer, or front desk services, program to fit the specific building security needs our Customers’ properties.
Central Protection realizes the first person your residents, tenants, and visitors are likely to encounter upon entering the property is the concierge, or front desk attendant.
Central Protection Services employees are chosen to reflect a professional image, while being the “eyes and ears” of the property. We also offer a wide selection of uniforms, all custom altered, to create a positive reflection on your property. Our customers have the ability to choose which uniform style best reflects the property’s personality.
Each employee undergoes a thorough background check, including criminal history and drug screening. Our Area Manager works with our customers to create a customized written set of concierge building instructions, which is included in the site training for all assigned attendants.
Our Concierge Services Will Include:
  • Attending front-desk / lobby area
  • Announcing / signing in visitors to property
  • Answering telephones, taking messages, or transferring calls to appropriate Customer personnel
  • Notifying designated Customer personnel (and authorities, as appropriate) of emergencies or unsafe situations in the building, determined by Customer procedures
  • Completing daily event log detailing events of their shift
  • Documenting any unusual events or situations, including emergencies, on an “Incident Report” for Customer action
  • Issuing keys, as designated by Customer, and completing all associated forms and logs
  • Scheduling use of common area rooms of Customer facility; such as club and game rooms, business center, media room, conference room, etc, as defined by Customer.
  • And much more…