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Retail Security Services
Retail Security

Central Protection Services offers an experienced and reliable retail security division with a dedicated team delivering results driven strategies. Today, CPS work with some of the biggest names in retail, guarding stock, managing and improving internal processes and ensuring your business has the tools to protect valuable assets and prevent crime.

Whether you realise it or not, your retail space is exposed to countless threats and the latest research shows these threats are becoming more and more sophisticated.

In the face of a retail crime ten year high in the Edmonton and surrounding areas, there’s never been a more important time to consider your retail security requirements. With loss or damage to property, anti-social behavior and organised crime all being named as contributing factors to retail crime in the Edmonton and surrounding areas, reports have found that customer theft accounts for up to 81% of all retail crime. This alone demonstrates the various angles you need to be protected from and Churchill Security can offer you a full range of retail security services available across the Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Furthermore, we understand the many challenges retailers face outside the ‘crime’ bracket, such as waste management, an issue we can help you combat via our profit improvement and loss prevention services.