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What does a Fire Watch Guard do?


The responsibilities of fire watch personnel may vary between jobs and location sites, but there are basic responsibilities that come with each position. In the course of their duties, our trained personnel will check all exits and fire extinguishers.

They will have on their personnel, the materials necessary to execute a fast and efficient evacuation and to notify any other occupants in the event of a fire. In most cases, CPS’s guard would also carry a portable horn, a flashlight, a full all-access set of keys to the premises, writing materials and a copy of their specific duties.


Central Protection Services provides responsive and reliable security services to many diversified industries. Whether permanent or temporary, we provide on-call fire watch services 24/7/365 for emergencies, construction, and more. CPS’s security experts will conduct a risk assessment that will be utilized to customize each individual client’s fire watch needs. If you’re looking to hire a fire watch company to watch over your business or condo/apartment/building/warehouses then the experts at CPS can help. In today’s hectic climate, different commercial spaces require custom fire watch solutions.

Central Protection Services, our fire watch officers are experienced in diverse industries, from private and public spaces to construction sites and more. We work hard with business owners to minimize fines and over costs so that your business will be up and running without incident. Our fire watch security guards have multiple years of hands-on experience and strive to meet the demands of the local fire marshall.