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Alarm Responder Security Guards

Alarm Responder Security Guards

Alarm Responder Security Guards

Central Protection Services offers 24-hour private security response services through our security partners in most areas. A number of AB municipalities also require confirmation that a break-in has occurred prior to dispatching policing services.

Guard response is a great service for anyone that may regularly be out of town, have concerns about being the first responder in an alarm situation or does not have an alternate reference that can be contacted if you are unavailable.
Guard response is available either as perimeter service where we send a guard to your residence or commercial site and he walks around the house looking for any breach in your security or for interior service where he enters your home and makes sure everything is alright. Interior service will require a lock box for key access, key holding by the guard company which requires multiple keys or electronic locks in order to gain entry to your home upon arrival.
For further information, just give us a call during regular office hours and we can let you know whether guard response is a service available where you live.

Benefits of Alarm Response Security Guard Service:

Your Alarm Monitoring Company calls us when your alarm system is activated. There is no need to get out of bed in the middle of the night of a false alarm. You will only be notified in the event of an emergency. Even apartments and independent houses are potential spots for criminal activities such as robbery, vandalism, and harassment. With an alarm response security guard service, you can prevent all sorts of criminal activities and can get Retail Security. An alarm response system along with video surveillance will make burglars think twice before they enter your property.

Our patrollers will then respond to your property and investigate the cause of the alarm by patrolling the site until the activated zone clears and the alarm system restores and resets. All alarm responses are followed up with a detailed report which states the details and any ongoing activity at the property during the time our patroller is onsite. 

Central Protection Services provides mobile patrols for businesses in Edmonton. This helps in monitoring your business premise even after work hours. To add to that the mobile patrol service is less expensive. So there is practically no reason why you shouldn’t hire an alarm response security guard service for your business. Central Protection Services is a prominent Edmonton Security Service. We offer all kinds of security services for different locations.