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Bank Security Guards

Bank Security Guards

Bank Security Guards

For financial institutions, security isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. Banks and credit unions work with large sums of physical money, every day so our company provide Bank Security Guards Services Edmonton. They are open to the public which makes them susceptible to a number of serious threats. And because there are several layers of defense needed from building and employee security to customer information protection, the task of developing and implementing the right security plan for the institution can be a complex and challenging job.

Central Protection is the only security service you need that offers services like CCTV Monitoring and event security guard services. Our consultants possess highly specific knowledge of financial institution security requirements and will work closely with the institutions board of directors and management to assess current security measures, locate potential holes in the system and determine a plan that follows institution guidelines while yielding the kind of defense that ensures the future of your financial operations.

Our bank security guard services, including:

  • Armed or unarmed guards
  • Access control
  • Grounds patrol
  • Parking lot security
  • 24-hour watch and Alarm Response
  • Scheduled after hour patrols
  • Emergency response and planning

Credit Union Security Guards

Credit unions are often smaller in size, giving the impression to thieves that they can be easily preyed upon. Credit union security guards who are specially trained to handle the exact requirements of these smaller institutions will work to deter threats before they become a problem.