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At Central Protection Services , we offer road flagging and traffic control services to meet all your needs, such as around construction sites, during special events, or when there is major flooding on roads.

Central Protection Services – Your First Choice for Flagging Companies

Why should you trust Central Protection Services over any other flagging company? Central Protection Services is one of Canada’s leading Road Flaggers companies.

Traffic control persons and construction flaggers cannot work alone. To ensure the most effective and safe work site, flaggers should be accompanied by signs, barricades, barriers, traffic signal lights, message boards, and more. Learn more about these traffic safety products, or visit the Central Protection Services Online Store that provides different services like Truck Yards Security Services and oil and gas security.

As a leader in traffic control services, we have the expertise and technology to ensure the success of your operations. We offer round-the-clock services covering both rural and urban roads, and your projects benefit from engineer-endorsed signage plans and top-of-the-line road-flagging equipment. We take a personalized approach that prioritizes the safety of your workers, as well as those passing through, whether on foot or in vehicles.

Also, if your operations are in Quebec, you can feel confident knowing that all our road safety professionals in the province are certified by the Quebec Association of Transportation (AQTr) and have completed all MTQ required training.

What is a Flag Person?

A flag person, also commonly known as a traffic control person, flagman/flag woman, or Lane Closure Technician, is essential to any project that may require traffic control measures and services including lane closures.

Conducting traffic control around cities, construction sites and major event traffic management such as music festivals or sporting events, a traffic control person designs safe lane closures and traffic detours with physical setup and removal of devices such as barricades, pylons, signage, and digital messaging boards.

The following are critical responsibilities of a Flagman:

  1. Keeping people safe by stopping, slowing, and safely directing traffic
  2. Providing traffic control directions and signals
  3. Protecting drivers, passengers, and workers by regulating traffic flow

Construction Flagging

Construction flagging is essential to managing traffic flow and protecting workers on a roadway during a construction project and helps create a safe work environment. A Central Protection Services road construction flagger stops, slows, and safely directs traffic flow along roadways or highways so traffic through a job site or construction zone is managed safely and efficiently.

What training do you need to become a road construction flagger or traffic control person?

Central Protection Services’s road construction flaggers are provincially certified and receive specialized training from our in-house lane closure experts. Our hired Traffic Control Personnel must complete the following courses after being hired:

  1. Alberta Temporary Traffic Control (ACSA),
  2. Flag Person Training Program for Workers (ACSA)
  3. Roadbuilders Safety Training System (ACSA)

Upon receiving traffic control certifications, Traffic Control Personnel spend 1 month learning in the field, then complete a 2-day course respective to their province. This extensive training process prepares our Traffic Control Personnel to manage every situation and all projects they will encounter throughout their careers. At Central Protection Services, we pride ourselves on training our staff to the highest caliber on Canadian roads.

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