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CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring & Surveillance Services

CCTV Monitoring

Central Protection Services can provide your property with a full CCTV monitoring package from bespoke installation to monitoring services carried out by fully qualified and professional personnel that leave you with a level of 24/7 protection. Working together with you to create the exact solution you need. In detail, We will make a full assessment of your property or sites before recommending the best installation strategy for optimal coverage and ultimate peace of mind. Whether you need to start from scratch, have a CCTV system that needs updating, or just require proactive monitoring services.

Here are the areas we can help you with:

  • Early detection of potential incidents
  • Stock monitoring
  • Evidentiary support in court
  • Staff training tool

Competent and trained to deal with a range of environments from retail to industrial sites to bespoke jobs that require great consideration and attention to detail, if you require the best CCTV security services in the Edmonton and Surrounding Areas, Central Protection Services is your answer. Offering a fully accredited workforce, the benefits of CCTV from Churchill give you many, many reasons to opt for this fuss-free, high-impact security tool and different services like Campus Security Guards. Secondly, Providing you with the comfort of evidence, should you need it. CCTV recordings would stand in a court of law, potentially saving you thousands of pounds against unfair claims or insurance.

CCTV has many uses beyond protecting your property. When installed correctly, it can be used as a training aid for staff. Further, you can monitor deliveries, ensure stock is handled correctly.. Moreover, It can also be used as a platform for first response, meaning our officers monitoring your site can deploy a team of first response officers to your property or we can immediately alert police of an intrusion.

To begin transforming your space into a managed and secure property, enquire with Central Protection Services today about our various CCTV packages available to you. Covering all the steps, or stepping in to keep a close watch on your site when you’re most vulnerable to crime such as during business shut down hours and over weekends, once the seamless process of choosing Central Protection Services to take care of your CCTV is complete. To conclude with, You’ll be so glad you made the proactive move towards this fully reliable solution. Call our team now and let’s start planning the best CCTV protection, specific to your property that you could ever need.