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Custom designed security solutions.

No two clients need the exact same security solution. We assess more than your apparent security threats. We work out a package that fits your resources.


Our 5-step process helps you choose the security options that you want, not the ones we would like to provide.

1. We identify who and/or what needs protection.
2. We identify what the threats are.
3. We evaluate the risk of loss.
4. We evaluate the impact that loss would have.
5. We recommend security options based on the resulting scenarios.


Trained professionals.

Central Protection is very selective in its hiring process. We don’t expect you to tolerate security personnel who can’t communicate effectively. We wouldn’t. You have the right to know that the security team you hire knows how to respond during a crisis. That’s why we have a tough training process.


Daily reports and activity logs.

Our security officers are expected to keep activity logs up to date. As part of our ongoing quality control process, we check for up-to-date log entries. We have a very low level of tolerance if we discover a log that is more than 30 minutes out of date, especially on a night shift.

You will receive daily detailed reports of all activities on your site.


Variation in routine.

Criminals look for established routines. We encourage our officers to establish planned variations in their routine, so that all the expected tasks are covered, but not at the same time every day. This can include starting at a different point each night on patrols or reversing the order in which a security check is performed for example.


Fewer employee costs.

When you hire Central Protection to provide contract security service, you leave all the recruiting, training and supervision to us. We pay all the employee costs—overtime, fringe benefits, etc. so you don’t have to.


Guaranteed service.

We stand behind our services.

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