Central Protection Services


The strength of your logistics and warehouse security services in the Edmonton program encompasses a direct impact on your bottom line. You can’t afford to possess a weak link in your supply chain. Due to the layout of most distribution centers and warehouses, logistics centers, and depots security services the massive volume of inbound and outward-bound traffic, the activity inside and out of doors the ability, and therefore the steady stream of individuals, product and machines, choosing the correct security provider could be an important thanks to eliminating risk. Central Protection Services has 10+ years of experience in a warehouse Security Guard Services in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, merchandise, and pharmaceutical distribution centers. From emergency services within the event of a natural disaster to a security presence throughout labor job actions and strikes, Central Protection Services is your trustworthy partner that keeps your supply chain moving. Central Protection Services is uniquely capable of satisfying your warehouse security provider and provide chain desires, including:

Manned Security Services:

Unarmed (uniformed) Security Officers: Our entry-level security officers offer, not solely a noticeable deterrent for potential criminal activity, each in-house and from outside threats, they are also utilized to:

  1. Access Control: Security officers on their assigned posts control the Alberta-wide agency that enters your property. We have a tendency to come through this with our well-tried strategies of characteristic staff, contractors, salespeople, customers, and candidates and human action with the right personnel for further direction.
  2. Employee Screening: Our Security Officers are ready to screen workers getting into the buildings, and staff (and alternative people) going to the buildings. We have a tendency to check for weapons, indicators of intoxication, and unauthorized persons getting into your facilities. One the resolution, we have a tendency to check for hidden/stolen merchandise and log staff out throughout non-break times to report the stealing of company time.
  3. Unarmed/Armed Guards: Within the warehouses, we have a tendency to secure, our armed warehouse security guards are tasked with securing money deposits, checking in trucks, providing armed security for money rooms (counting rooms) operating closely with armored automobile guards and armored trucks to deposit money deposits. Armed Security Guards are on web site to reply to incidents, like doable active shooter things. Our armed security guards receive forty-seven hours of firearms coaching – at the start and re-qualify with their firearms yearly.
  4. GPS Tracking: Our security guards seal trucks traveling from our warehouses and log the seal numbers. This permits us to accurately monitor us or not the truck doors have remained closed throughout a visit. Our GPS watching tracks the driver’s en-route, as well as stops, speed, and different indicators.
  5. Client Service Guards: Our client service security officers (security greeters) wear a jacket, khaki pants associated with an identification badge. They’re the primary line of defense in access management to the company entrance similarly as taking over duties to:
    1. Screen guests and issue traveler badges, maintain a visitor log
    2. Screen candidates and distribute work
    3. Screen incoming mail
    4. Monitor CCTV and maintains camera logs for review every 30 days
    5. offer security presence within the lobby
    6. Communicate as a control room with security officers and unarmed guards
  6. Shift Supervisors: Our shift supervisors (supervisory security officers) are typically armed security officers, assigned to administrate the actual shift they manage. Duties include acting as a call maker once incidents occur on their shift. Just like a sergeant on the road, shift supervisors are liable for the protection officers on their shift. Together with planning, sick calls, injuries, and emergency response.
  7. Site Supervisors: Our site supervisors are liable for armed security officers, liable for the day-to-day operations of our Security Service at a specific site. They manage shift supervisors and security personnel. Site supervisors are liable for maintaining payroll, managing overtime, and scheduling security officers as hiring. Site supervisors communicate directly with our space security managers, account executives, and board of administrators higher as deal directly with our client’s higher management to take care of open lines of communication and alter orders as required.
  8. FCRA Compliant Pre-employment Background Checks: we’ve got been providing quick turnaround, FCRA compliant background investigations in high volume since 2005. We offer a 1-day turnaround in most states on criminal checks, driver license abstracts, credit checks, Social Security verification, address checks. All of our background check services and that we FCRA is compliant and that we are audited yearly. Our strategies modification because the landscape of background checks change (which happens many times a year).