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Loss Prevention Security

Loss Prevention Security Guards

Central Protection's Loss Prevention Security Edmonton is mostly prominent in malls and retail location.The guards are trained to deal with crisis.

We work with a diverse group of retailers to provide loss prevention security, Asset Protection and Store Protection by well trained personnel in customer settings, especially high end luxury boutiques. Appearances can make a difference with each client’s locations. We can staff the officers in a suit, standard uniform or a more casual polo look. Central Protection is the leader in identifying and elite and unique type of service employee. Specially for those demanding clients who always set their expectations high.

Central protection properly screen every security officer is to meet individual customer needs. Moreover, Security personnel are highly qualified, responsible professionals who take pride in their work. To identify reliable personnel, Central Protection uses a rigid company hiring process. This process includes background screening and where applicable drug testing. Central Protection understands that strong management depends on a superior field support staff. Our management has extensive experience in law enforcement, as well as the private security industry. Our 24 hour Dispatch Center ensures our resources are available to our customers at any time of the day or night.

Uniformed security personnel are available from border to border around the clock to meet those unexpected security needs. Specially, When an emergency or other after hour’s access is necessary. We can meet your last minute calls for services.

Central Protection is well expert to manage any temporary need whether it is responding to an emergency or a schedule service request. Our office staff is professional to provide local coordination support. Similarly, To provide management of nearly any temporary or emergency services like Residential Security Services to request at any time day or night.

This is a highly specialized service drawn out by law enforcement personnel. For instance, they are trained in robbery suppression for jewelers throughout Canada. Central Protection is the leader in the armed escort industry. We will work with you to help resolve product movement challenges across the country or locally.

Specialized two-man teams or one-man units are to deter, identify, and apprehend retail organized theft criminals in high-crime environments. Daily activity reports are generated to track suspected offenders operating throughout a range of client locations by time, date and description.