Central Protection Services

  • Partner with Montana First Nation
  • Member of Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

Community Support

Central Protections Services give support to School of skills foundation is a non-profit organization. We believe that the secret to peace and prosperity in this nation is education. Through the privilege of good education, we want Canada out of the obscurity of education and ignorance. The most precious thing we can owe someone is a chance to have a better life. Knowledge is the bridge to a prosperous future.
In Canada, we are responsible for improving the standard and equality of education for children. Since we are fully conscious that awareness is essential, we are committed to providing creative, practical initiatives that improve education, expand educational opportunities and attract talent to achieve overall objectives.
Our main focus of non-profit organization is based on technology. To encourage and make accessible technology to those who cannot afford it. Arrangement of seminars and courses on technology. In future academic success, we provide the skills that play an important role. We inspired students not only to study fact and figures but also to make use of their expertise. Our funds are used to enhance the academic performance of children and to strengthen education initiatives, including professional training, registration and collaborative curriculum. We aim for the day when children are not left in need and every child has easy school access.
We believe that every child deserves the chance to do sports. This is the reason for the positive impact and results of participation. Much is in doubt, be it social links, psychological and emotional well-being or physical growth. Good sports provide long-term benefits to all children, providing the most necessary new uniforms, footwear and apparel. The first barrier is costly to children in low income households. By paying registration fees for young sports entry, we give access to all players. Quality education is offered in the underprivileged parts of Canada. It is financed by charitable donors, just like other non-profit organizations and NGOs.
Skilled experts in each department deliver our education programs safely and effectively. Trust has coordinated the planning and administration of an enterprise through control team. Experts are teams of teachers, researchers, community representatives and solution creators who understand the need to study and improve the dynamic global competitive world to enhance people’s living  conditions. We are committed to providing students with an appraisal of their oversight and to reflecting on their ventures and people in an informed way.
Every individual should evaluate his / her skills and knowledge, which have been developed and established, in order to know strengths and weaknesses in this age of competitiveness as the world has become a global town, with everyone living there compete in one way or another.


We are providing technical and other state of the art skills to youth by conducting workshops and short course absolutely Free of Cost. Get the right opportunity to build the future through learning and information acquisition. World’s best schools are now recruiting talents rather than graduates so that the talents are critically important in this new global society. You will no longer have the training, expertise and new materials learned at school. Not only is it necessary to learn new skills, but it is also necessary to grow your profession unmatched


We know how difficult it is in the modern world to make a difference, so we are providing Free educational activities and seminars for the awareness of people, especially youth. Our aim is to help kids develop skills for the future, so that we have created this platform. The Platform is specially for children who want to learn in the digital revolution. That is why we did not want to limit this to free learning, but to include all kinds of expertise. We recognize that only investing time and money to maintain our courses and give the best service to you is the only way to learn.


Around the same time, we remain committed to use sport as a tool to strengthen our emphasis on youth in athletics at the grassroots level by arranging healthy sports activities for them. It helps to improve health and fitness and strengthens the opportunities of becoming active grownups. Acting as a team to accomplish a shared purpose allows children learn to connect and overcome challenges in the area and beyond. Sports also help children build close links and provide a support system to their teammates. It helps them to learn skills like leadership, patience, team efforts and social skills.