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Residential Security Guard Services

Residential Security Services

Residential Security Guard Services

Central Protection Security provides the best residential security services. We provide top-notch licensed Commissioned and Non Commissioned Security Officers with the Patrol on request. Security officers often serve as the first and last impression of your residential community, complex, or building. You want your residents, their families, and their guests to feel safe, secure, and welcomed.

Residential communities are vulnerable because parked cars are attractive to many types of thieves—car, identity and petty thieves. The pool and clubhouse can also be a vulnerable location where someone from off the street can just walk in. Even when communities are gated, gates may be open during the day or access passwords shared by residents.

High-rise apartment complexes and condominiums offer another set of challenges. Ensuring the safety of residential communities is something that Central Protection has experienced in Neighborhood Patrol Services. Our patrols deter prowlers and verify parking passes. We make sure that pools and clubhouses are secure. You can arrange to have us patrol multiple floors and monitor your video surveillance systems.

Central Protection offers services to gated communities such as access control at the gatehouse. Our security officers can help the community enforce parking regulations. Moreover, We can assist with emergency coordination and community patrol.

At Central Protection, we understand that there are inherent risks created simply by having a certain type of building. A bank will have different security officer needs than, say, a high-rise apartment complex vs. a garden-style apartment complex.
Building owners clearly need to be able to manage their security and liability risks. At Eagle, we work with the building managers to illuminate potential security risks considering all the available factors. Defining this upfront allows us to building your specific security guard requirements.

These are the risk and Types of Loss and Liability Events:

Earthquake, Flood Hurricane, Tornado, Explosion, Fire, Environmental Incidents, Crimes Against Persons and Property, Public Riots, Violent Demonstrations, Acts of Revenge, Domestic Abuse, Personal Grudge, Bombing, Extortion, and Militant Activity.

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  • Reduce your current operating costs
  • Avoid expensive and time consuming legal liabilities
  • Improve customer relations

Residential Security in Canada

The Trends in living styles have tremendous options to choose from as houses, Condo, apartments, or living in a gated community. Whatever your residential style; people need residential security customized for them. A residential security Patrol is a great way to supervise the community area and parking slots for avoiding any unpleasant situations.

Residential Security Patrol

Central Protection Services offers you residential security guards that can monitor your area for any suspicious activity. We are also offering smart options to make your space encrypted and secured with smart gadgets. Automated locking systems, CCTV camera installations, and other alarm systems are installed for better residential security. We offer you reliable security services in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort Mcmurray, Airdrie, Cochrane, and Alberta Wide for living and enjoying a healthy and secure environment around. Get your customized residential security for asset and loss prevention. We have years of experience in all kinds of security services for superior residential and commercial needs.