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Retail Cannabis Security

Retail Cannabis Security


High Profile Targets

We provide you a classy Retail Cannabis Security Edmonton Retail Stores that sell recreational or medical marijuana are high profile targets of theft and other crimes. Not only do retail stores carry a highly desirable product, but often have large amounts of cash and other assets on-site. Central Protection staff certified and trained for “SellSafe”.

Minimizing Crime

Minimizing crime and other issues at retail locations is always in the best interest of the business owners, employees, and patrons because additional crime in any community de-legitimizes the business and the cannabis industry as a whole.

Premier Cannabis Security

Central Protection Services is the premier retail-store security firm in the Cannabis Security Edmonton industry, We also offer Religious Facilities Security Services and oil and gas security services in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia. We specialize in providing security officers that are specifically trained to secure and protect businesses and individuals operating retail stores in the cannabis industry.

Retail Marijuana Stores and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are often targets of violent crimes like robberies, burglaries, and smash-and-grabs. Due to these businesses being largely a cash business, most cannabis businesses still operate with large amounts of cash-on-hand. This will attract a criminal element regardless of industry.

Crime is always a threat to Retail Marijuana Stores and Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. If thieves are willing to rob a convenience, liquor store or gas station for a few hundred dollars or less, the chance of violent crime at a Retail Marijuana Stores and Marijuana Dispensaries is equal to or greater than these other businesses. This is especially true when you are transacting thousands of dollars a day in cash and have a product that is desirable, stable and easily stolen?

The proactive owner or operator needs to take security precautions to protect their business, employees and their patients and customers. Taking active measures can greatly reduce your exposure and reduce the likelihood of a violent crime. Adding a professional uniformed security officer to your Retail Marijuana Store or Medical Marijuana Dispensaries will greatly increase the safety and security of your location because the security officer acts as a visible deterrent to thefts and other violent crimes.
Our Security Services fit to:
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensaries or Stores
  • Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries
  • Theft Prevention & ID Check