Central Protection Services

  • Partner with Montana First Nation
  • Member of Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

digital guard management system

Central Protection Services Mobile Patrol is a digital guard management system and guard tracking software that keeps our service honest and transparent. This system allows our clients and our management team to ensure that our services are being delivered as promised.

By having our guards scan the Mobile Patrol QR Code, NFC, Barcode checkpoints placed around your premises during their patrols, it lets us know that the service you are paying for is the service you are getting!. Our clients also get paperless (Go Green)digital guard management system

Mobile Petrol , Awesome Features

Watch tracking

Track your guards & watch their trail

Guard tour tracking

Ensure complete safety of your sites by scanning NCF tags at strategic places

Schedule status

Schedule guards on a single day to multiple and from 1 site to multiple

Panic alert

Solidarity guard’s alert in case of emergency

Back-office management

Improve your productivity by using 100% automated processes for internal work.


Easy reporting by Guards with pictures and text messages.


Dispatch a guard for immediate help.


Post Order – Feature to convey a message to Guard On Duty.

QR Code Check

NFC + Barcode based Tours

Watch & Track

Tracking the punctuality of the guards in real-time. Watching the Live movement of the guards and tracking the real-time issues such as incomplete tours, unfinished job duties.

Travel Tools

GPS – Guard Tracking in real time and offline mode with dynamic map.

Post Order

Post Order – Feature to convey a message to Guard On Duty.


Dispatch a supervisor/guard to the Security Site for immediate help.

digital guard management system

Schedule + Shifts

Hassle-free Scheduling
Visibility of “Open shifts” to specific guards.
Color codes & Symbols to View continual Progress
User- friendly Calendar views
Automated user experience

Back-Office Management

Record keeping & employee performance tracking for reviews or incentives Paperless process with reminders.

Access Guard Timesheet for quick and easy Payroll

Access Site Invoices anywhere, anytime via mobile or web platform.

Reports automatically emailed to clients after manager’s approval

Go Green – Everything stored electronically on Cloud

digital guard system