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How security guard is important in COVID-19 at your business premises?


The novel coronavirus, called COVID-19 as well, has shocked the entire world. Virtually, nothing is safe from this pandemic. Be it educational institutes, hotels, tourism, businesses, cinemas, traveling, social life to name a few, all walks of life have been affected seriously due to this outbreak. It needs to spread the culture of pandemic precautions recommended by the health organizations for COVID-19

Ranging from the handwashing to the protection of the eyes, nose, and mouth, the entire daily lives of the people have been changed. In these circumstances, the security services at the business premises are no different. People have become very touchy and sensitive regarding the observation of the different standard operating procedures about the COVID-19. People ignore the business organizations that don’t follow the instructed pandemic SOP’s.

So, it has become very necessary for your businesses to induct those security guards who know very well about the safety measures regarding this pandemic. Being a part of the security services in Edmonton Canada, we provide to your businesses the security guards who are well trained on how to combat this pandemic and how to comply with the different rules and regulations. Following are some of the measures we have taken for this purpose.

1. Washing the hands and wearing the masks

These are perhaps the most effective methods to save oneself from the bad effects of this pandemic. Furthermore, wash the hands multiple times a day for at least 20 seconds, as described by the health experts. Besides, while washing the hands, one should scrub both the palms and backs of his/her hand thoroughly. Further, wearing the masks is once again a great deterrent against this disease. Our security guards wear the masks both regularly and punctually. In case, someone is infected with this disease, the Central Protection remains ready 24/7 in order to handle the situation.

2. Protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth

The eyes, nose, and mouth are the “ports” in the human body through which this disease is communicated. Therefore, these body parts should not be touched at all by the unwashed and contaminated hands during the covid-19. If there is a compulsion to touch these body parts, one should use hand sanitizer properly in order to disinfect their hands.

3. Limiting of close contacts

Keep social distance and avoid to contact the people physically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from that, extreme care should be exercised if there is some infected person in your surrounding. Besides, there should be a minimum of six feet distance between the people in order to save them from the droplet infection, if they have to save themselves from this pandemic.

Further, if our security guards are patrolling, they have to keep their distance from the other people.  Security guards services in Edmonton Canada, particularly of our security company always remain vigilant and cautious to limit themselves from close contacts.

4. Updating of personal protection equipment

This is once again a good measure in order to save oneself from the potential pandemic effects. Masks need to change after some time. Always check the expiry of sanitizer.

In order to do extra care, the security guards of central protection, regularly update their equipment being used in order to protect themselves from this outbreak.

Our security guards always use fresh mask at the very start of their duties each day. Further, they do extra care to have the sanitizer in order to avoid the evil effects of the pandemic.

5. Washing of uniforms

Uniforms and clothes need to wash to protect them from infections. This act once again ensures the safety from the possible effects of this pandemic. The personnel of our company always observe this task in both letter and spirit.

In summary, in today’s era, everybody is much conscious and concerned about this novel coronavirus pandemic. This disease has caught everybody representing any particular walk of life. In this period, only those businesses would survive who comply with the rules and regulations and other instructions. Here our security company has taken great measures to train its security guards about this pandemic. So, we strongly recommend you to hire our security guards in order to save your business.

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