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What is the Role of a Security Guard

What is the Role of a Security Guard?

The Role of a Security Guard

Many business owners swear by security guards and claim that their presence on the site deters crimes better than the Role of a Security Guard. In a way, security guards supplement law enforcement agencies to keep your premise safer. They protect your staff, visitors, and the general public around your property, along with your property and assets within. They are trained professionals who have strategies and tactics to protect your business from crime. But that is not all that they do; here are the other roles security guards do on their duty.

Enforcing Company Policies and Laws

If your company has specific rules that need to be followed by your employees, then the security guards can help you enforce those rules. Additionally, they also ensure that other provincial laws are followed within your premise, and nothing illegal takes place at the site.

Responding to Emergencies

In case of an emergency on your premises, security guards can be the first res-ponders. They are trained to help your employees evacuate. The building or help with other kinds of emergencies like fires, break-ins, and accidents. They also act as a point of contact between your site. The law enforcement and emergency services like the fire department.

Controlling Access to Your Site

Security guards are also responsible for controlling access to your property. That is, they only let authorized people enter the building and maintain the privacy of your office structure. Moreover, they can also help you escort someone out of the building in case of an incident.

Patrolling the Site Premise

If you have a large office or site, then the security guard ensures that no one breaks into your premises by regularly patrolling the site. They also ensure that all your fences and gates are intact and that all the other emergency alarm systems are working properly during their patrols.

Supporting the Administrative Staff

Security guards can also be quite helpful for your administrative staff as they can help them by attending to phone calls, greeting visitors and guiding them, and acting as an effective liaison amongst your departments. They can be especially helpful during the odd working hours, or when some of your administrative staff are on leave.

Writing Incident Reports

Many incidents occur on sites regularly, sometimes they are as small as someone not following the decorum policies, and sometimes, they can be significant emergencies like a fire. These reports can go a long way in helping you deal with the problem.

Hiring security guards is the right thing to do if you want to ensure the safety and decorum of your office premise, assets, and employees. You can hire security guards regardless of your industry background or property size.

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