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Do You Need Fire Watch Security at Your Premises

Fire Watch Security at Your Premises

Fire Watch Security at Your Premises

One of the most common disasters that can occur at your office is fire; it can destroy your office and all your assets, and it also poses a significant risk to the life of your employees. Hence, fire safety must not be compromised in any case.Do you Need Fire Watch Security at Your Premises Thus, for the protection of your employees and your assets, you should consider hiring a fire watch security service to minimize the risk of fires at your workplace.

What is Fire Watch Security?

Fire watch security, essentially, is a service that you can avail for your office to ensure that the risk of fire is minimized. The fire security personnel work alongside your security team, and they ensure that all your fire alarm systems are working correctly, and they can be the point of contact between your office and the fire department in case of a fire.

When Do You Need it?

There are many reasons Need Fire Watch Security at Your Premises. Some of the top reasons why you need fire watch security are:

  • Site lacks any kind of fire alarm systems
  • On-site fire alarm systems and sprinklers are under maintenance, or out of service
  • Water supply is down, which can render fire hoses useless in case of an emergency
  • Fire pump and other related equipment are out of service or broken
  • Office contains chemicals or flammable materials that are at a higher risk of ignition

These are just some of the reasons why you would need a fire safety watch. However, if you think that your office space is susceptible to fire, for whatever reason, you can opt for fire watch safety.

What to Expect?

Fire watch safety personnel are different from regular security guards since they only look after the safety of your office or site in terms of fire safety. Hence, when you hire a fire watch security personnel for your office, you should expect the following things:

  • Regular patrol of each follow of your office
  • Identification of suspicious fire safety hazards
  • A regular check of fire safety equipment
  • Maintaining the decorum of the walkways and fire exits, and keeping them clear
  • Raising the alarm and helping your employees evacuate the building in case of a fire
  • And contacting the fire and emergency departments and coordinating with them
  • Ensuring the proper fire safety compliance in your offer as per the provincial laws

Fire is a hazard that should only be handled by professionals; it is risky, and it can be fatal if not taken seriously. Hence, in case you think your office or your employees might be at risk of fire, be it due to malfunctioning fire alarms or the presence of flammable materials, you can contact Central Protection. We offer industry-leading fire watch security services for a variety of industries and offices, including oil and gas sites, industrial complexes, schools, restaurants, private venues, hotels, etc. Contact us to know more about our services.