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Students feel safer – not watched – by campus security

Freshers at Canada universities overwhelmingly say they feel safer with a security guard on their campus.

A survey conducted with 1,000 current university students across the country has revealed that 84 per cent are concerned about security and say that they feel safer, rather than ‘spied on’, if there is a trained guard on site.

Former police chief superintendent, Russ Smith, national security director at Resource Group, said:

“Few school leavers would admit to checking the crime rate at their campus before choosing their preferred university, but, as our survey shows, it is important to them – as for the majority it will be the first time they have lived away from their parents.”

Meanwhile the same study also revealed some surprising results around student cleanliness. Male students are cleaner than their female counterparts!

The research, found that personal hygiene among men was a high priority. 80 per cent admitted they changed their bed sheets at least once a month, with more than 20 per cent washing them once a week. The majority of women, however, only cleaned them on average every two months.

Men also had higher expectations of cleanliness within their university accommodation. 87 per cent cited that general cleanliness and appearance of halls of residence and campus facilities was very important when choosing a preferred university, whereas only 37 per cent of women thought the same.

One in five men were also disappointed upon arrival to university, saying that the accommodation was not as clean as they had expected it to be.

When assessing the overall impact of cleanliness of accommodation, 59 per cent of men voted that students were more likely to get a better academic qualification from a clean living and working environment. Women, on the other hand, felt less inclined to agree and 37 per cent said it did not bear influence.

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