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Why you need security for your retail premises

Dramatic increases in retail crime means the security for retail premises has never been more important than it is now.

Figures released earlier this year by the Office for National Statistics have revealed the highest level of shop theft since 2003. According to the ONS, there were 9,000 more incidents of shop theft in 2015 compared to the previous year.

Back in February, the Guardian also reported that the North America retail crime bill in 2015 had hit the highest annual level since records began – 613 million.

Walk down any road in New York or Toronto with high-end shops and you will notice that many of them have retail security . While we are used to seeing security in retail premises such as Harrods, Cartier, KIA or alike, having this kind of security presence can be beneficial for any retail premises and can now be seen outside many high-street stores across North America

Security Guarding, a key part of retail security, offers a a range of benefits to retailers including:

Security Guarding and Store Detective can be a deterrent

By having someone supervising the exit and entrance to your shop, you may not only be putting off potential shoplifters from entering your shop, but if anyone does still enter your shop with the intent of stealing your stock or causing trouble, having security may make them think twice.

Reducing loss

Having a security personnel on your retail premises adds an extra layer of protection to your shop. Running a successful retail premises means having busy staff who are not always able to see someone trying to take goods from your store. A security guard may also be much more effective than using security cameras alone, as they are trained to spot potential shoplifters and are focused on stopping anyone trying to take unpaid for goods.

Increased customer service

Security Guarding are one of the first things people notice when they approach your shop. It is important to have security personnel who are smart and trained in customer service. Customers will see security guarding as an extension of your shop and your brand, so make sure you pick a reputable company with security guarding who not only look the part, but are also trained to interact well with your customers and answer any queries they may have about your store.

A Safe and secure environment

Having Security Guarding can create a much safer and more secure environment for your staff and customers. This could improve the reputation of your shop and may make people choose your shopping experience over shopping with one of your competitors.

When it comes to retail security, it is important to only use specialist professional’s who have experience in this unique type of environment.

Want to know more about how security guarding could complement your retail security? Central Protection Services have SIA approved specialist Security guarding, who will work with you to provide excellent customer service, while keeping your store safe and secure. Get in touch today.

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