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4 Security Must-haves in Your Retail Store

4 Security Must-haves in Your Retail Store

Retail store owners don’t think of security until something goes wrong. After an incident, the owners may suddenly jump up and install security systems as quickly as possible. If you are a retail store owner or manager, why do you want to wait until some criminal minds cause harm to your business? Be prepared in advance to keep your store protected from any security threats. Tighten up your retail security with these must-haves, so you don’t suffer from any loss or damage.

1. Security Alarms

Your retail store will be safe from any threat like theft, burglary or fire after the installation of a security alarm system. The alarm system will start beeping and will notify you and authorities if any kind of fire starts feeding on your store. The store will be saved in time from huge damage. Even when a person would break in with the intention of robbery, the alarm system will start beeping and will notify you and the authorities.

2. Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras are the most basic and essential need for any retail security. If any criminal tries to break in during the night or any person tries to steal from the store, they would be caught on camera. Secure the entry and exit points of your retail store with cameras and also install them at positions from where it can cover a lot of space. Also, have a well-equipped video monitoring system. The activities recorded in the camera can be provided as proof against any theft or break-in.

3. Trained Staff

Every working staff member and the owner are not just responsible for selling products; they will also have to keep a sharp eye on any suspicious activity. The staff should be trained well so they could prevent anyone from stealing or any criminal activities. With the proper training, they will be able to perform their duties without fear of crime and can provide better services.

4. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)

You can prevent any theft or shoplifting easily with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). EAS technology gives an edge to your retail security. Every product in your retail store has a tag on it, which is removed by the staff when a customer purchases the product. The EAS system detects any such tags on the products at the exit point and prevents any burglary. So a person would have to buy from you if they wish to get it out of the store.

These security measures will not only keep your retail store safe, but it also gives assurance of safety to the customers also. If you want strong retail security at your store, then get in touch with Central Protection, one of the leading security service providing company in Edmonton.