Central Protection Services

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  • Member of Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB)

What is Alarm Response Service ?

Central Protection Services Keyholding offers emergency alarm response services for all properties. If your security system has been activated whilst you are away from your home or office, our SSIA-trained Key Guards can provide fast response at any time, day or night. Our alarm response services include rapid response to:

  • Alarm System Activation
  • Reports of break-ins
  • Attendance requests from emergency services

Our cost-effective and reliable key holding and alarm response service will help to give you peace of mind, ensuring that a fast and effective response will happen if you need immediate access or if an alarm has sounded. Professional key holding and alarm response will benefit your business by preventing the need to have internal key holders, ensuring only our trained security personnel arrive at potentially dangerous scenes.

Professional keyholding services are essential in complying with many insurance policies. When an alarm system is not functioning, your insurance may be nullified—a risk which can be avoided by our ability to maintain security at your premises, if required.

For your alarm system to be granted police response, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) also requires that each premises must have at least two keyholders, one of whom must be available at all times. Each keyholder must have a telephone, a means of transport, and must be capable of responding quickly to an attendance request, day or night. If not, police response to your property may be withdrawn. With Central Protection Services Keyholding appointed as your keyholders, you automatically comply with all police requirements.

Whether you are interested in commercial or residential alarm response services, Central Protection Services Keyholding offers bespoke security solutions that will meet your needs.


  • Commercial Alarm Response
  • Residential Alarm Response

Benefits of a Key Holding & Alarm Response Service

  • All day, every day. Our Key Holding & Alarm response service iso 24/7, 365 days a year, anytime there is an emergency.
  • The risk to you personally or your staff is eliminated by allowing Titan Security Europe to respond to alarms, we will send one of our trained and vetted security guards to check your property and resolve and situation.
  • You don’t need to worry about your alarm sounding for hours, even during a false alarm, our control room will always send one of our professional security guards.