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Why Short Term Property Protection Important ?

Short Term Property Protection: Flexible and Cost-effective. Leaving your property unattended for long periods of time can induce stress in the thought that a home alarm activation will go unnoticed and unactioned, putting your valuables and your property at risk of potential break-ins.

Whether you’re going on holiday, taking a trip for business purposes, or spending some time away from your home, our short-term property protection service is an ideal solution to ensure that your home or business property is safe while you are away.

Bespoke plans to meet your needs

Whilst we offer comprehensive plans with round the clock keyholding and alarm response services, a flexible holiday-only contract may be a better fit for your needs, if you are only interested in a temporary plan.

Our bespoke contracts can be tailored to your exact requirements which means that you would only enlist the services of our SSIA-licenced Key Guards for the specific period of time you need them for.

Our holiday only plans include, but are not limited to:

  • Keyholding & Emergency Response
  • Alarm Response
  • Prearranged Visits

Holiday home protection is by no means a substitute to an alarm security system or other security measures like CCTV surveillance systems, high-quality door and window locks. Rather, it’s a complementary service to actively make sure your property is kept secure whilst you are away from home.

Whether it’s an alarm activation or a prearranged security check, our Key Guards stand ready to attend your property and take the necessary actions.

Enjoy peace of mind in the event of an alarm activation

A secure and reliable home or business alarm is just the first step to securing your property. Having a keyholding and an alarm response plan will go a long way to effectively safeguarding your property and valuables should an actual emergency arise.

Upon alarm activation, our Key Guards will mobilize immediately utilizing our fleet of high-powered motorcycles to ensure a rapid response.

In the event the alarm is deemed false, our Key Guards will attend your home, conduct a full security audit of the premises, reset and rearm your alarm, check all the points of entry to your home and ensure that all the locks and windows are locked.

Should the alarm activation be verified, our Key Guards will be immediately deployed, arrive onsite quickly, and proceed to follow all the agreed-upon security procedures to secure your property. Additionally, the Police will also be notified (depending on your plan).

After every callout, we will provide you with a detailed report describing the incident and outlining all the actions that were taken.

Contact us today for more information, or to discuss the most suitable short-term security options for your home.