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Do you know Even GPS Tracking Devices Have Boundaries?

Geographical positioning system (GPS)  Security License Alberta has a great role in the today’s world. Different organizations, governments, military and the other spying agencies use this technology in order to serve the different purposes they have. Due to this technology, someone can find the location of some other body on the planet. This technology helps a lot in the investigation of different crimes happened. But unluckily, this technology has also some limitations and boundaries whom we are going to discuss in the following. Our security company Central Protection Services Agency has worked on the boundaries of this state of the art technology so that some other measures may also be adopted for the solution of different problems  Security Training Edmonton being faced by the security agencies.

Inaccuracies in the results of GPS

The GPS systems compute the location of the devices as they receive  and interpret the signals coming from at least three satellites. One boundary of this technology is that some times, the signals are blocked by the tall buildings, some trees and the other miscellaneous obstacles that may come in the pathway. The reason of this is that these signals travel along the line of sight. In case, they face some obstacles, they can’t reach to the desired position. Due to this fact, the GPS units will either not calculate the results or they would wrongly calculate the results since they do not receive the healthy signals coming from the satellites. All the satellites of the world    Video Security System  emit the signals at some specific rates. On the other hand, the detectors in the GPS units are correct to the 10 nanoseconds. This corresponds to 3 meters in terms of the distance. This is the greatest accuracy that any GPS unit may deliver. Whereas, in the military settings, the accuracy reaches to the tune of  300 millimeters. A still another issue is the difference between the satellite timing and the clock GPS receiver clock timing which syncs the GPS systems all over the world. Due to this reason, the time may be drifted away from the actual time. If you are worried about the way, your GPS unit works, contact us at Security Services, Edmonton Canada. We have a team of very expert people who have a long experience of dealing such matters.

Employees sometimes have reservations

The employees of the different organizations have the severe reservations due to this technology, they are under the surveillance and they are being spied on. So, sometimes, they feel very reluctant in joining such organizations which use this latest GPS technology in order to have an eye over all the activities and movements of their employees. These employees  of Security License Edmonton feel offended and they say that their continuous surveillance from these gadgets is tantamount to an interference in their privacy and confidentiality. Further, they feel insulted sometimes and try to think to switch their jobs so that they may not be spied again.

Adverse environmental conditions

GPS systems work very poorly in the bad environmental conditions which arise time and again. Sometimes, due to the solar flares, the satellite signals get affected and of course, in these conditions either they do not work at all or they malfunction severely due to which its users suffer a lot. Further, on the cloudy days, these systems are affected again. Under these two conditions of  Security Jobs Edmonton as described, the users of this technology should have a map with them so that they may not stuck somewhere. Do contact with us at Security Guard Edmonton, in Canada if you are really concerned about the way your GPS system works.

Battery may drain out in some critical situation

Sometimes, the battery of the GPS unit may drain out in some critical situation which once again results in a great hassle to its users. Under these circumstances, these units may malfunction severely giving the incorrect results. Further, the static GPS units may take lot of power in case the vehicle under consideration is idle. There exist some intelligent GPS units  Security Guards Company which modulate themselves to the sleeping mode either when the vehicle has been parked or it is in the idle condition.

Malfunctioning of GPS units due to the human intervention

Humans too can cause to malfunction these units due to their different activities. For example, if someone places a material object which blocks the GPS receiver, it will have immediate effect over the functionality of these units. Its reason is that the antennas of GPS units can receive the signals through the plastic covers. In sharp contrast to that, these antennas can’t receive the signals through some metal surfaces. Apart from that, if someone places the GPS unit near the windscreen of the vehicle, it will also affect the signal quality due to which there would be inaccurate results. This issue can be addressed if someone places the GPS antenna Alberta Security  in a very suitable location within the vehicle so that it may not hinder any incoming signals from the satellite.


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