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Security Cannabis Industry

Major Security Requirements for the Cannabis Industry

What are common though when picking a career? It would be the one having a vast scope and high growth rate. Whatever career you see when you deeply examine it, you come up with the conclusion that every field has experienced different phases from high growth rate to downfall except industries related to healthcare drugs such as the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Canada. Cannabis can be the right choice for you if you are looking for a new business opportunity, it is dynamic and possesses a high growth rate. Every year ballot referendums and new cannabis legislation unlock new markets in the continuously growing cannabis industry. For small businesses possessor and entrepreneurs, it signifies a high opportunity to hinge international market having enormous potential and high growth.

Understanding of the Cannabis Industry:

As the state legalizes marijuana, cannabis job opportunity increases. Yet, whoever is interested in cannabis employment should know the existing law and regulations before employment. If they have any queries they can consult a cannabis attorney. The cannabis industry has various stages from production to distribution, employees can select any stage they want to work according to their interests and expertise. Listed below are stages of cannabis where employees can work:

  • Production of the cannabis plant ( grow plant)
  • Converting raw material into a final consumer product
  • Packing of cannabis product
  • Transportation of cannabis
  • Management of cannabis dispensaries
  • Sell cannabis products to the final consumer

Some jobs revolve around providing cannabis for medical reasons, whereas some other focuses on leisure use. The age limit of workers hired in the cannabis industry must not be below 21 and should have a clean background from any criminal record.

Products of Cannabis:

The cannabis industry is a vast field. The manufacturer extracts terpenes and cannabis from the plant and uses them to make different types of cannabis products. Different products that use cannabis as a main ingredient include:

  1. Beverages and food
  2. Balms and lotions
  3. Vape cartage
  4. Sublingual sprays and lozenges
  5. Tablets and pills
  6. Wax, shatter, and dab

Manufacturers use various techniques and processes that are commonly used in different types of other consumer products manufacturing but the steps may differ according to the requirement of the type of manufacturing. General steps include

  1. Extracting cannabinoids
  2. Refinement of extracted cannabis
  3. Extract infusion or plant material infusion with other ingredients
  4. Packing of cannabis product
  5. Labeling of cannabis products

Key Benefits of Getting Along with Cannabis Security:

The legalization of recreational cannabis use in Canada has vastly increased its scope and security needs. Cannabis business runs handling of large amounts of cash within the site, making them a prime target of criminals and thieves.  That is the reason why you need to have adequate Security Services Edmonton for your overall business for instance if you are in cannabis retail you need to have retail cannabis security, if owning a dispensary you need to opt for cannabis security of dispensaries no matter what is the department you select cannabis security system and services are vital to stay compliant and protect your business from outside as well as inside threats. Listed below are the key benefits of getting cannabis security:

Cannabis Security System

Access Control and Cannabis Security System:

Today all the main commercial buildings own a perfect combination of surveillance, access control, and cyber security positioned to provide safety to their assets, however, the cannabis industry required a bit more strict measures. Access control is used for restricting unauthorized individual entrance on the premises. The best access control offered by cannabis security services is scalable, cloud base and very easy to manage.

  • Cloud-based systems maximize creating holistic and interoperability security solutions. Especially for the units that require multiple-location dispensary security, it centralizes and simplifies security management. The cloud-based system makes control access simple and easy with alarms, video surveillance systems, gunshots, and sensors that sense glass breaks and vibration or motion. The complete cannabis security solution gives better controls and involves cheap investment.
  • Mobile-based access control offers more flexibility over badges and keys. With more advanced features you get a biometric option and multi-factor authentication. Some security for cannabis retailers or dispensaries even provides touchless entry, which supports a hygienic environment. However, if you still opt for a badge or key make sure they are encrypted well to avoid copying and cloning

Video Surveillance for Tight Cannabis Security:

Security cameras are a main component of a cannabis security plan. The cannabis security company provides the business with video surveillance that facilitates the business in securing its premises even after working hours and provides advanced asset protection within the building. Security companies offer different quality cameras depending on your budget select the one having high-quality real-time footage. Make sure you use approve video management system for your business.

Selection of the Best Security Plan for the Business:

The cannabis industry covers a few micro-industries. There is an agricultural and cultivation component, a cannabis dispensary and retail component, a processing and transportation component, and the main business component. Few cannabis companies’ functions are spread out within multiple buildings while others are functioning across states whereas the remaining function with a single building. The type of security required for a particular cannabis business depends upon functionality and then the cannabis Home Security Services Edmonton suggests to you what security measures your business required.

Securities for Managing Different Cannabis Businesses Departments:

Security is vital and has different requirements for various cannabis industry departments. Listed below are different departments of the cannabis industry and ways how cannabis Security Companies safeguard them:

  • Security for cannabis grow and cultivation facility:

Due to the growing cannabis industry, any business premises having an on-site cultivation option needs to have added security, security for cannabis cultivation, and growth facilities. With consumable products, facilities, or plant-preparing edible products, strict security measures are prescribed by the security company to avoid tamper. Firm access control measures need to be installed for unauthorized entry. And video surveillance services for monitoring and controlling prohibited behavior in cannabis grow and cultivation facilities. Temperature, lighting, and humidity all need to be maintained properly; an integrated management system helps steam cannabis operation and grow facility.

  • Cannabis medical dispensary security:

Every business needs to have transaction security, when it is to the cannabis business the transaction security for distribution and selling needs to be smarter. The business needs both, the physical presence of a security guard and the technology for assisting them. Technology and guards both go side by side to provide improved asset protection. Access control typically cloud-based insures authorized individuals’ entry to employee entrance or back rooms and keeps visitors away from prohibited areas.

  • In-house cannabis office security:

Mostly Security breaches arise from inside an organization, the cannabis industry business needs to have a high-security system for the in-house staff working. Security guards need to check all employees, and their data stored on the access-control server. The cannabis business facilities often interact with contractors and vendors that might welcome various security threats to the business. To control all threats the security company suggests an access control system that provides digital visitor credentials, granting customizable permission. It is the best and smart way to log and track all the visitors coming onto the premises and ensures no one is entering any prohibited area.

  • Cannabis dispensaries’ storage security:

Cannabis products are always in high demand and usually cost a bit expensive, so criminals and thieves often target them. Especially in stores where they are kept unattended. The main concern of the cannabis industry is to prevent their business from all kinds of theft. In case of somebody break-in, the management will get the culprit with the help of a detailed log and footage from the camera.

Cannabis Security company

Safety Measures Suggested for the Cannabis Industry:

In addition to the professional guard and security system, Cannabis Security Services need to work for emergencies also. Whether it is a form of an active shooter, natural disaster, or medical, adequate planning and pre-emptive safety rules help safeguard the business from any future damage. Go for smart moves for handling emergencies such as building a lockdown feature with the access control system.

Whereas an interoperable access control system allows businesses to automatically send safety alerts to the management. And security personnel with real-time high-quality footage of the mishap anywhere you are no matter whether you are present on the premises or not.

Management and occupancy tracking are becoming rituals in the majority of businesses. Crowd control was always an important aspect of security but with time it has gained more importance. The security system must track the people available on the premises in real time.

Native occupancy tracking with an access control system implements a crowd control system by restricting new entries and individuals’ sensor provides detailed data to check social distancing within premises.


People often take cannabis as an addictive item but in fact, it’s a vital ingredient used in a variety of products including lifesaving drugs. It is a significant, multidimensional, and often controversial plant. Its usefulness and versatility have pushed the cannabis industry business into different kinds of products and industries. It is the most prominent and widespread item in the medical field.

Its growing popularity has put the business owner in deep thought of how to secure their cannabis industry business. A security guard along with the surveillance system is a must to protect the business and its asset from theft. Large-scale business activities required tight security measures than the cannabis industry working within a single building.

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