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Commercial Security guard services

Secure Your Premises with Commercial Security System

Commercial shopping malls, a one-stop shop caters to all the customers’ needs looking to step out of a house, whether it’s for food, grocery, shopping mall, or clothing requirement and Commercial Security. Instead of wasting traveling time and visiting each shop after covering the distance, it is convenient to enter a mall. Modern malls are fully automated with temperature control as you step in you don’t have to worry about the outside temperature enjoy the pleasant temperature and enhance your shopping experience.

Some shopping malls have play areas for parents to entertain their kids while shopping. Shopping malls own large areas and own variety of retail shops to entertain their customers. They are the best place for window shopping as you can have a variety of shops in a chilled environment. To keep the customer’s experience worthwhile it is important to avail of commercial security services as one bad experience can ruin all life effort and hard work for the success of the mall. Even the most loyal customer of commercial malls will change his way if any threatening event takes place even once in the mall.

Therefore for a success of a mall with entertainment purpose mall should opt for commercial security guard services along with a commercial security system. The guard hired by professional guard companies provides commercial security monitoring services along with security officers. The security system will help them in managing security.

Ways in Which Commercial Security Guards Secure Commercial Premises:

Commercial malls cover large-scale areas including parking lots, to secure them commercial security companies provide skilled guards along with an updated security system that helps them in covering all significant areas of a mall. If you are in the management of a commercial shopping mall the most important aspect other than the smooth running of all functions is finding out the best commercial security providing company. The security companies better understand the needs of mall security than the management. Every business type has its own security needs that differ from others, however, some points are the same like preventing criminals, regular patrolling and sitting outside, and spying on all suspicious persons. The best thing you get from professional Commercial Security Guards is that they provide several other benefits other than typical guard services. Listed below are ways how commercial security guards secure your commercial business with value-added services:

  • Spying irregularities:

Commercial security guards spy on its surrounding. We can easily detect any irregularities due to the preparation of any criminal attempt. They immediately report the authorities and tries to handle the situation in the best possible way. We have sufficient knowledge to handle all sorts of criminal activities.

Commercial Security System
  • Monitoring security system:

The security system is an essential part of maintaining security. CCTV cameras are installed at various points inside and outside the mall. These guards have sufficient knowledge on how to operate them and get full benefits from it in upgrading their security. The video CCTV is monitored by them and in case they find someone suspicious. They immediately inform the guard whose duties include that area. Whenever any criminal activity is planned the first thing the criminal plan to do is to disturb the security system so no one can recognize them. The commercial security guard instantly reports the higher authorities about the security system and gets it fine without wasting time.

  • Building strong customer relationships:

Respect and value are the two keys that cost nothing, just a simple smile and greeting that win anyone’s heart. And professional commercial security guards are well aware of this fact. Guards are the first and the last person with whom customers interact. Their positive attitude instantly gives positive vibes to the customer. However, on the other hand, rude behavior will not lose a customer but also affects the image of the overall mall.

  • Strict checkup with modern devices:

Innovation has hit both industries, security, and criminal. On one side there are advancements in new security devices and on the other hand criminal devices have also got upgraded. Commercial mall security officers own a great responsibility and it is impossible to deeply check every customer. And their car to detect any illegal weapon, if the guard does so it will take almost 5 minutes to check everyone. Commercial Security Services Edmonton is equipped with new advanced devices that can detect weapons within a few seconds. It not only saves guard time but customers also don’t get irritated.

  • Restricting pets:

Some people love pets and some get caught by allergies due to pets. Most malls don’t permit pet owners to take their pets inside. Pets are like a child to the pet owner and if the management team sends them back because of the pets seems rude. The guards at the entry point spot the pets and restrict them before entering.

  • Valet service:

Commercial malls own large-scale areas and the parking lot is usually in the basement or nearby plot. The valet services are like a blessing for the customers. They enter the mall handle the car to the valet providing services and enjoy their experience of the mall. On exiting, they show the coupon given to them in exchange for the car key and get the car. The commercial security guards provide your commercial mall with a valet facility also, you don’t need to hire valet employees separately.

  • Strong interconnection within guard force:

Commercial security companies provide a security force comprised of a group of people. The number of security officers depends upon the security requirement of the commercial mall. The best thing is that all the members of the security forces are 24/7 connected. If there is a problem detected in the area of any officer he instantly reports all forces to get them updated on the situation. For example, if a person violates any parking rules the parking security officer will report to the other spot guard. So he will prepare his force to stop him from exiting or entering.

services by security officer
  • Managing traffic outside the mall:

Traffic is the main concern outside every public place, especially commercial malls. It’s the security guard’s responsibility to manage the smooth run of the traffic. The traffic jam not only irritates the customers but also the passing by people.

  • Courtesy services by security officer:

The main difference between traditional guards and professional commercial security guards is that commercial security guards are active. And are always there to help you one step ahead of your duty. They can provide several other duties for you other than typical guard services, entertain your customers, provide valet services, handle emergencies, and several other duties you assign them.

  • Guarding parking lot:

The safety of the parking lot is of the same importance as that of a commercial mall. But unfortunately, some malls don’t pay attention to the parking lot and criminal-minded people take advantage of it. Commercial security guards know the importance of the security of parking lot and make plans to secure them from all kinds of theft and vandalism.


Commercial security malls are a vital part of society therefore they need to be secured by professional commercial security guards. The advantage of hiring them benefits you in several ways and lets you establish your mall’s reputation in the public. If you are in Canada and want professional commercial Security Company Edmonton, we are here to assist you and provide you with the best security in the town. Our professional security guards own vast experience in the field.

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