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Are looking for a Reliable Construction Security Companies in Edmonton, Toronto?

Since 2017, Central Protection Services has been a trusted and favorite supplier of construction security services across the Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Quebec, Canada. Whenever any construction company started their project, for safety aspects only one question raised in mind Is looking for Reliable Construction Security Companies in Edmonton, Toronto?

With building materials and equipment becoming increasingly popular targets for thefts, all aspects of your construction site can, unfortunately, attract undesirable attention that may be a detrimental effect on your construction business. To protect your site and reduce the level of criminal activity, Central Protection Services will be assigned only the most professional construction security guards and officers with relevant, industry-specific, and, where required.

For encouragement, the dedicated and customer-focused security company that can deliver a fast and effective response to security breaches, get in touch with Central Protection today.

Static Construction Security Guards

Static or stationary guarding is still one of the most effective and best security measures, acting as a highly-visible to ensure the protection of your construction site and your workers.

At Central Protection, we can provide highly experienced static construction guards with best professional skills including security mobile patrols, access, trained operatives to aid with deliveries and waste management. Due to the work hazardous nature of construction sites, we can also deliver first aid trained and health and safety trained guards to assist with any issues that may arise.

Our dedicated best team member will make it their sole responsibility to ensure your site, property, and equipment are protected, ensuring minimum disruption yet optimum protection to your site.

Construction Mobile Security Patrols

If you want the best construction security in Edmonton, Toronto or anywhere Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Quebec, Canada that goes beyond just one location, look no further than Central Protection who will go beyond what’s expected to protect every second of your construction and building site.

Construction or commercial site developments are often large, unsafe sites with restricted access, presenting numerous chances for criminals and challenges for site managers. Our well-equipped professional security guards can deliver widespread coverage to ensure full security across your site.

With the ability to be on the move and monitor different locations and conduct foot patrols, open-air security, and operate our security marked patrol vehicles, our mobile guards provide a cost-effective visual deterrent, as well as a quick and effective fast and quick response to any security breaches.