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Aviation Security Professional Guards
Aviation Security Services
We have a strong team of local security professionals who have the knowledge and experience to handle any security situation. Our security managers are skilled in operational procedures and software systems in addition to their military, law enforcement, or other security experience.
Airports have always been major gateways into and out of any country and the experience passengers and visitors encounter while traveling through such facilities can have lasting effects on business, tourism, and investment.
There are many issues that can affect the passenger experience of an airport – the condition of the airport and its facilities, the transportation access to and from the airport by road and rail links etc., the availability of services and facilities (shops, restaurants and other amenities) but two key issues that effect on the passengers sense of well being of their security while passing through the airport and the speed, efficiency and manner in which security services are conducted. Central Protection Services has the experience, expertise, and technology to provide complete security solutions to airports not only in terms of technology, manpower, and operational management but also with consultancy and design services.
Below are a number of the services we can deliver:
  • Airline Representation and Management Services;
  • Advanced Passenger Information;
  • Cargo Security;
  • Compliance Auditing;
  • Full Aviation Security Packages;
  • Full Central Search Operations;
  • Gate Operations;
  • Hold Baggage Screening;
  • In-Flight supply screening;
  • Over-wing Handling Services (Check-in);
  • Passenger Pre-Screening;
  • Passenger Profiling;
  • Policy and Standard Operating Procedures;
  • Triple-A (Accounting And Authorisation of Hold Baggage);
  • VIP, Corporate and general Meet and Greet services.

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