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Construction Site Security Guards
Provision of smart and central Security Guards prevent losses worth thousands that occur due to theft on Construction Site (mostly Copper pipes, copper wires, and Tools) vandalism, break-ins, fire and at a later stage, damage caused due to innocent-looking water leaks and flooding. Construction Site Security, Construction Site Security | Emergency Dispatch 24/7‎, Edmonton Security Guard ASAP | Call Us for Free Quotes‎, Construction Site Security Guards, Construction Site Security Calgary, Edmonton, Construction Site Security Services
  • Subdivisions
  • High-rise Buildings
  • Townhomes/ Apartments/ Condominiums
  • Warehouses/ Malls
  • Secure all types of other construction work.
  • We also provide Security Guards to a single house under construction.
Our team at Central Security is able to provide top-notch service and professional security guards to protect Edmonton’s construction sites. If you are looking for the best security services for the construction site, we are here.
Our uniformed security guards approach construction sites around the Edmonton and Sherwood area with the same work ethic and focus as applied to every special event and business. Uniformed, trained and licensed professional security guards are able to provide access control to keep unwanted pedestrians away from construction. Our mobile patrols sweep the area of any construction job to look for potential security breaches or disruptions to the workday. Uniformed security guards stand watch during the workday and after hours to survey and ensure the security and protection of our client’s construction and equipment. Our guards provide access control, keeping pedestrians and those unqualified a safe distance away from any target work site, and our team protects guards from any potential distractions in this manner, therefore preventing avoidable accidents, harm to pedestrians and lawsuits.
Our job as security for construction sites is to protect your valuable assets, tools and workmanship, and also to protect workers and pedestrians from hazards in and around construction sites. Construction can be dangerous work, and our team is focused, prepared and equipped with the tools necessary to keep workers and pedestrians safe. We at Central Security recognize the how critical security measures are in construction scenarios. We work with our clients to ensure that their construction sites, their work, and their pieces of equipment are all safe and taken care of, allowing for peace of mind. For more information on how uniformed security guards, mobile patrols and access control help protect construction sites all across Edmonton and surrounding area, contact Central Security Services.
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