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Are you looking for Security Guard for COVID-19 Quarantine sites?

The pandemic of COVID-19 Quarantine has shocked the entire world. Virtually, every ethnicity of the world got affected by the wave of this pandemic. It has disrupted the entire world. No walk of life remained the same as it was before the arrival of this pandemic like businesses, traveling, hoteling, tourism, gathering, education, sports, governments, etc. It is like that we are now living in new world This new culture has its own rules and regulations, particularly, one must comply with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) given by the world institutions like World Health Organization (WHO).

On the other hand, maintaining the security of quarantine sites is equally imperative. Solid measures must be taken to safeguard these sites before the criminals and potential culprits may derive benefit to fulfill their even schemes in this pandemic. Our security company Central Protection Services Agency has recommended some major points which must be carried out in order to avoid the dangerous effects of this pandemic. Apart from that, do contact us for the safety measures of your quarantine sites.

1. Hand sanitizers’ Usage

Hand sanitizers are a great instrument for the safety of the infection from this pandemic. One should frequently use this sanitizer while performing various tasks. For instance, after shaking hands, purchasing some items from the shopping mall, lifting some object from one place to another, this sanitizer must be used to avoid any harmful effect which may lead to a serious infection. The security guards deployed over these sites must not only comply with the SOPs themselves, but they must enforce their compliance to the other persons. Our guards are SOP’s concerned We are the best Security Services in Edmonton Canada. Do contact us with full confidence. We understand very well your concern and anxiety regarding the pandemic.

2. Hands’ washing

If hand sanitizer is not available due to some reason, then one must wash hands frequently. Apart from that, this washing of hands must span at least twenty seconds. Normally, the public does not obey the rules. The security guards of our company are competent enough to convince the different people so that they may act upon the coronavirus SOPs. Our security guards are some of the best Security Guards in Edmonton in Canada. Contact us confidently. We will resolve your issues regarding the corona pandemic.

3. Safety of nose, mouth, and eyes

Medical experts are of the opinion that the nose, mouth, and eyes are the prime targets of the coronavirus. Follow Precautionary measures to protect people from Corona Virus. The initial training just teach our guards that how to face these issues now a days. Do contact us for the safety and security of your quarantine sites. We assure you that once you hire us, we would not disappoint you. In order to get yourself saved from the dangerous effects of the pandemic, contact our Security Services in Edmonton Canada.

4. Maintaining distance from others

Maintaining distance from other people is yet another great precautionary measure in order to save oneself from the pernicious effects of this pandemic. According to the medical experts, this distance should be a minimum of six feet. The security personnel of our company has made great homework that how to regulate the daily affairs of our lives while maintaining this prescribed distance. This is what our security guards can perform very efficiently and smartly.

5. Personal protection equipment’s updating

The varied equipment used must be updated periodically during the coronavirus pandemic. The reason for this is that there are ample chances that such equipment may be infected after their frequent usage. Hence either such equipment must be altogether changed or at least it must be washed thoroughly in order to purge it from any infectious germs. There is a medical wing in our security team who knows very well the way such tasks may be carried out.

6. Clean restrooms

On the different quarantine sites, there are many adjacent restrooms where the personnel dealing with the patients takes rest. Extreme care must be exercised to make these restrooms as clean as possible. Many people come to these restrooms for taking a rest. Hence in order to avoid any disturbance, they must be clean enough so that no chances would be there of any infectious traces.

7. Other precautionary measures

Besides, all the above-mentioned steps, some other precautionary measures must be carried out. For instance, do not shake hands with each other. Apart from that, one must not hug his/her near and dear ones. Besides, at least six feet distance must be maintained while carrying out daily routine tasks.

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