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Common misconceptions about security guards

Deployment of security mechanism on the different business facilities has become a norm. All over the world, these guards are deployed to safeguard the different business operations. They perform a long array of tasks ranging from the observing the different activities of the business stakeholders, checking the suspicious people, facilitating the investigating of some mishap and guiding the different clients at the business places regarding the different offices, to name a few. In all of this, unfortunately, different myths and misconceptions exist for their very existence. In the following headings, an attempt will be made to discard these myths and misconceptions and their real role in the business facilities will be described. Central Protection Services are the best security agency in Edmonton.

1. Security guards are untrained and uneducated

Many people think that the so called security guards are basically untrained and uneducated lot. These people are nothing but a shear wastage of time and money and are not less than the white elephants for the business owners and landlords etc. This thought is in sharp contradiction with the actual reality. May be this is true for a few fake and unregistered security companies. But for the majority of the security companies, this is not the case.

Security guards are actually a very trained lot. Although they are not highly educated but they are, as the situation demands for them. These people go through a very standard training after they join some security company. In this training, they are taught how to tackle any situation in some business facility. In particular, how to handle the suspicious activities; how to react in some emergency situation; and how to coordinate with the different people to tackle the different events at the business facilities etc. Central Protection being a Top Security Company provide very trained guards. Our security company at Toronto provides very agile and trained guards to our clients.

2. Security guards are lazy and lethargic

Many people think that the security guards are actually very lazy and lethargic. They are not active and dynamic people. These people further think that these guards are a heavy burden over the finance of the business. They come on the business facilities on the daily basis just to pass the time which has been assigned to them. They do not do any productive and result oriented work there.

The above stated misconception again is without the sound grounding. The fact of the matter is that they are very agile and alert people. They always have a constant eye on the different business activities which are going on. In case any untoward event happens, since they have been trained so they react appropriately according to the training they had been given. Of course, these people react according to the gravity of the worsening situation at the business facilities. Further, these guards are well trained that how to work in the collective setting, since emergency is always handled in a team.  Central Protection Services Agency security guards are well equipped for an emergency response.

3. It’s very costly to hire security guards

Some people have an ungrounded thought in their minds that deployment of these security guards at the different facilities is too expensive and costly. Again this thought is in sharp contradiction with the reality. Different businesses have to incur a very short percentage of the total budget of their business for the security purposes. And this short percentage is in the charge of safeguarding the different business assets and operations. If some business ignores this factor, i.e., the deployment of these guards at the business, the entire plan may witness a flat failure. So it is very logical to spend a very short percentage of the total budget of a business and to get the services of the security for the integrity of the business.  Central Protection Services Agency company provides best loss prevention in Edmonton.

4. Security guards work at odd times

Some people have a very skewed sense of reality. They have raised very awkward misconceptions in their minds regarding these security guards. They think the lot of security guards are called for very odd times like weekends or at late nights. Again this thought contradicts with the ground reality.  These people perform their duties just like the other professionals of the world. To do crimes is an instinct of man and these professionals are deployed to deter this instinct. These guards, no doubt, render us a safer and more peaceful world. Through the training these security guards have got, people become able to lead a peaceful life in this world. Central Protection Services Agency provide here on call guard service.

5. Security guards pose terror

Some people think that these security guards do not do any productive work, rather, they are just there at the different business facilities to pose terror. They are accompanied with guns and other lethal weapons in their custody. Again this thinking runs counter to the very fact. These security guards are equipped with very less weaponry. In normal circumstances, they are without any gun in their hands. Actually, they regulate the different business matters in a peaceful way. These security guards become active when some unusual event happens. And, of course, they react proportionally according to the gravity of the mishap if that occurs. These guards have to use their weapons in the most dangerous situation. All this happens just for the safety of the different business stakeholders. Being a top security agency, Central Protection provide the best security guards.

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