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How a Security Guard Job Is Just Like Customer Service?

Aside from drafting incident reports and citations, a security guard’s duties is similar to that of a customer care representative. A security guard is present in shopping locations and even office buildings to assist those in need, regardless of the issue. People may approach you, for example, to inquire about the location of the restroom or the hours of operation of a particular store. You may also be requested to assist with tasks such as carrying items or unlocking doors. It isn’t all about serving and protecting others. You’ll be security guard company Edmonton noticeable to everyone around you because you’ll be wearing a badge and a uniform.

You will usually be on foot patrolling the grounds you defend. As a result, the lesson here is to always be prepared. Not only for the things that can endanger but also for the things about which people may inquire. Nothing is more frustrating than being asked a simple question regarding the site you’re supposed to be defending and being unable to provide a decent or helpful response.

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You’ll be fine if you communicate effectively and are aware of your surroundings. Furthermore, you may get simple, useful information regarding security .Talking to individuals and listening to their questions and responses can not only improve customer service, but it can also help you spot problems before they become serious. Greet individuals and respond to them, even if it’s just with a grin and a nod. If you work in a building with regular Security Company Edmonton customers or workers, learn their names and, if possible, their destinations. This provides them a sense of personal contact while also allowing you to keep track of who is entering and exiting your building.

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Security Guard Communication Capabilities

Being courteous and nice while remaining professional goes a long way toward putting people at ease while also ensuring their safety. If you have a question, Customer service can be as simple as offering assistance when you’re able. People will appreciate the effort, even if it’s merely holding doors, cleaning up dropped goods, assisting visitors in finding an office in a building directory, or providing directions. If your position requires home security services Edmonton you to inspect identification or personal things, do so with care and respect. If you’re escorting them, you could make small conversation or point out points of interest if it’s acceptable.

Striking a Balance

Your job probably has some ground rules for dealing with a variety of situations, from confrontations to crises. It’s not always simple to execute your job within the constraints you’re given while maintaining a positive attitude. It may support their bosses in communicating with other employees, as well as clients, vendors, and others. You may answer phones, manage conference calls, update calendars, and schedule appointments for the individual or group of people for whom you work as an administrative assistant. You may also be in charge of greeting visitors to the company. In certain businesses, administrative assistants interact with the public and communicate with consumers over the phone or in person. It’s critical to handle issues and complaints without becoming Security Guard Company Edmonton hurried or upset when dealing with customers.

Letters, Reports, and Spreadsheets

Your boss will want you to know how to use a variety of software programms, including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, as well as be a fast typist. Depending on the employment, you may be expected to know or learn various types of software. Some of the papers security services Edmonton you generate may be classified as confidential. If you work in a sensitive field like finance or human resources. Producing mass mailings and labels, as well as overseeing. The fulfilment of large mail projects with your company’s mailroom or an outside vendor, are examples of other responsibilities.

Going Somewhere

The administrative assistant is usually in charge of making travel arrangements. Your boss might want you to book the best or cheapest trip or arrange hotel or restaurant reservations. If your firm hires a travel agency, the travel agent will make the arrangements, but you will serve as a liaison and make sure your supervisor’s wishes are honored. You may be responsible for submitting your supervisor’s travel expenditures for reimbursement when he returns.

Other Responsibilities

Filing papers, making copies, opening and delivering mail, and writing purchase orders, invoices, and check security guards company requisitions are some of the clerical chores that administrative assistants may accomplish.