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How Security Companies are Doing During Critical Situation of COVID-19 Outbreak?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extraordinary damage to the economy, and significant disruptions to businesses as well as local communities. With this situation, the security industry is being hailed as one of the vital components that can help maintain public safety, both physical and hygienic.

The security companies during COVID-19 are facing a fluid situation. Many client sectors have reduced their security measures, but on the other hand, there is an ever-increasing demand for security services in other industries. Some of the most significant demands are coming from the medical and healthcare sector, residential communities, and construction sites and oil fields.

To meet the increasing demand in the sectors mentioned above, here are some of the measures that security companies in Alberta are taking.

Safety of the Guards

The first priority for all the security companies during COVID-19 is to maintain the health and safety of their security guards on field duty. They are being trained to handle the new situation and how to maintain their hygiene standards. They are also issued renewed guidelines regarding their SOPs, and they are mandated to wear personal protection equipment, including face masks, gloves, and face shields.

Redeployment of Staff

The security companies are also redeploying their staff to meet the new demands, especially for the healthcare sector that is facing an immense load in terms of human traffic. Additionally, many other industries, like construction sites and camps, have been turned into ghost towns, open to all kinds of robbery threats. Many residential colonies have also hired additional staff to ensure that the residents are safe during the pandemic from both infection and theft.

Revamped Safety Protocols

Many security guards are not just checking for physical threats, but also the infectious ones. They are equipped with thermometer guns to monitor those entering the premises to ensure they are not infected with the coronavirus. Moreover, to tackle the threats mentioned above, the security guards have increased their patrolling and CCTV surveillance at sites that are at higher risk of theft or robbery.

Securing COVID-19 Quarantine Sites

The most significant change for the security companies during COVID-19 is that they are helping the healthcare sector now more than ever. Hospitals, medical dispensaries, quarantine sites, etc. have a demand for strict security protocols, and the security industry is going above and beyond to meet those demands. Pandemic security response guards have been deployed at various healthcare sites to handle the massive human traffic, and to curb any unpleasant situations that may occur.

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