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SOPs for Protecting Against COVID-19

Recommended Security Guard SOPs for Protecting Against COVID-19

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the last year also termed as Covid-19, caused an unprecedented disruption in all the activities of the entire world. The security industry is, of course, no different. The government of many countries ordered a lockdown to mitigate the severe effects of the covid-19. But due to this lockdown, the economy of the world reduced considerably which resulted in the joblessness of countless people. Besides, reshuffling of different jobs has been carried out on a large scale. To strike a proper balance between the safety from the pandemic and the sustenance of the economy, the concept of the standard operating procedures (SOPs) emerged on the global landscape. Our security company Security Services Edmonton Canada has compiled a list of the recommended security guard SOPs for protecting against the threats of Covid-19.

 1. Washing hands

Washing hands frequently is the principal measure to protect oneself from the dangerous germs of this pandemic. We should Not only wash the hands frequently but it is also necessary that they must wash for at least 20 seconds. Besides, during the washing of the hands, both the palms and back of the hands should be properly scrubbed. Our security company Security Guard Edmonton in Canada prepared the SOPs specifically tailored for the security guards. Security guards are the most vulnerable people since they interact with different kinds of people on the business premises. If unluckily, they have infected themselves, they can spread this virus at an alarming rate. So their safety from the infection should be a top priority.

2. Using hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer is also a major way to protect and save oneself from exposure to contaminated surfaces. Security guards frequently meet different people. Besides, they lift and carry different objects where they perform their duties. They have been strongly recommended to sanitize their hands after each of these activities they perform. This act washes any kind of germs and contamination present on their hands. The fact of the matter is that this contamination causes the disease to spread.

Do contact our security company Security Services Edmonton Canada who has a long experience and know very well for the security needs of your business. There is a dedicated wing in our security company who has made a great homework for the safety of the deadly pandemic of covid-19. The security officials of our company have prepared special SOPs for the security guards. The reason for this is that they interact with too many people and hence the chances increase for their infection.

3. Protecting the eyes, nose, and mouth

The eyes, nose, and mouth are the outlets through which the contaminated material gets entered into the body. For this purpose, the face mask has been universally recommended. As someone wears a face mask, the danger of infection from the other persons becomes minimized.

4. Staying away from others

Staying oneself away from the other people in general and the infected ones, in particular, is one of the best ways to avoid droplet infection. To be more specific, a distance of a minimum of six feet has been advised by the health experts. As this distance is maintained, the chances of getting an infection from the other infected people become minimum. When someone travels This distance must observe.

5. Updating personal protection equipment

Since the security guards interact frequently with a large number of people, so they must review and update their disposable nitrile gloves, safety goggles/glasses, and other respiratory protection materials.

6. Miscellaneous protective measures

Besides the security measures as described above, there are also some other protective measures that can help a lot in countering the bitter effects of the pandemic. For instance, a six-foot distance can be marked through some tape so that the people may be reminded about the compliance of the Covid-19 SOPs. This act would help a lot to the security guards and the other people who are standing in the queue.

Besides, acrylic glass barriers should install in order to save the employees from the threats of potential droplet infection. These barriers could also use for the safety of the security guards deployed at the different security points of the business premises. Our security company Security Services Edmonton Canada has deliberated much on this hot issue of the world. Do contact with so that we may provide you a customized solution to your security problems. Besides, our security steps for your guards are excellent. They give a foolproof guarantee for their safety.

7. Availability of the clean restrooms

Clean restrooms can also help a lot for countering the threats of this pandemic. As soon as the security guards feel that they require to change their uniforms or they have to wash their hands, they can use these restrooms for this purpose.

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