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Security Guard Company Faces Gang Leader Holding a Knife

Because of my military background and security skills, I’d be deployed to some of the most hazardous criminal hotspots in the country. On these kind of duties, I had another good security guard colleague who would largely work with me. We were known as the troubleshooters since we would go to a client’s location and clear up any security issues. People in each city I’ve visited make comments about the worst suburbs, and I’ve learned that they have no idea what they’re talking about. These people rely solely on newspaper articles and other people’s hazy assumptions. I’ve worked in all of the city’s so-called security guard company undesirable neighborhoods, and it’s evident when Most people in these suburbs never venture out after dark, if they ever go out at all.

People who make the remarks are given so-called news that is little more than hyped-up story covers. If you never leave your house again, the truly dangerous situations seldom make the news. If you’ve never seen a brawl or a drug sale before, it’ll appear much worse than it is, and you’ll tell all your friends about it. This story is told again and over again, and each time it becomes more hazardous.

Security Guard Company Caught Gangs

Some people mistakenly label a bunch of strange-looking teenagers as a gang, although this is incorrect. During the 1980s, adolescent gangs were widespread at public malls and train stations as a meeting spot. In the alley, there’s a brawl. This shopping center had an issue with a gang of roughly 20 Asian boys between the ages of 16 and 22. My partner and I had been working here for a few days and had shown to be effective enough that the gang  threatened us in order for us to leave them alone. We were walking around the rear of the center on one of our night time outdoor patrols. There was a chain link fence barrier on one side and a masonry wall on the other side of this 10-metre-wide region. We had just entered the strip when the gang from the other side came.

security guard with knife

Knives Should Not be Played with by Children

The knife was a butterfly design knife with a chromed wavy blade. In his hands, he began whirling the blade and handles. With a trained knife fighter, this style of weapon features folding handles and spins swiftly. Unfortunately, I had been trained by knife combat professionals and could see right away that he wasn’t one of them. I guess he was expecting me to flee in terror. I took a step forward and challenged him to a fight in which I would fight unarmed.

The rest of his crew were concerned by my lack of fear and began to back away slightly. If I could defeat the leader, I knew I’d have the gang. I took a step back about two meters from the leader, and he began to speak. Justifiable Security Company Edmonton rewards. We were sent to another customer location as a result of our efforts, and we returned to work. I can still see his expression when the knife spun out of his hands and fell near me on some days. I believe it is acceptable for someone who enjoys knives to have one. It always reminds me of how vulnerable gangs are when you confidently target their boss.

Sydney’s Western Suburbs

These individuals join gangs because Home Security Services Edmonton they are weak on their own and require the security of numbers and intimidating displays. Remember this if you ever find yourself in a situation where you can’t escape gangs or gatherings of possible troublemakers.

Do You Want to Work as a Security Guard Company?

Security has remained a constant challenge for Australian businesses, ranging from armed robbery and shoplifting to drunken brawls. Security guards protect these firms by ensuring that concerns like Security Company Edmonton these are dealt with quickly and effectively. Because there is always the chance of a threat, security personnel must always remain alert. Security guards must therefore possess a specific set of abilities in order to carry out their duties in this manner. These are the nine attributes you must possess in order to succeed.