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Manned Security Guarding – Price Or Service?

Most shops and offices now employ security officers, as you have probably noticed. These security officers are usually stationed near the front door, either at a reception desk, watching CCTV, or standing at the front door.Because I’ve spent much of my life working in security, it’s become second nature for me to check out the security measures in place when I go somewhere. This generally entails simply observing how security officers conduct themselves.If you’re going to hire security services, you probably have a specific security guards company  task in mind for them to complete. I recently went to a well-known high-street grocery that I’ve frequented before.I understand that security is used more as a deterrent than to find shoplifters, but in order for this to succeed, your security person must be perceived as aware and proactive. Having a security personnel that is entirely uninterested in their job can have the opposite effect, making your facilities more vulnerable to attack.This store’s security would have been arranged by head office, who may or may not have visited the store. The store manager will have no say in the matter and will be forced to work with whoever is assigned to him.

It’s not just about the money

Security officers continue to serve as ambassadors for the store or business where they work. They might be asked for suggestions on how to improve security.The security firm in charge of this contract is well-known. The problem nowadays is that huge corporations are more concerned with securing contracts and protecting their bottom lines than with providing competent security officers who are truly interested in what they are doing. The client frequently pays a price for protecting the bottom line. Just because someone   private security guard  has a SIA licence does not indicate they are knowledgeable about security.However, security might be misconstrued at times. You have proactive security officers, but the person in charge of security does not know how to effectively deploy them.Take, for example, my recent trip to the movies. It was a huge cinema with 15 screens and a bar.’If I can’t find work, I’ll just go work in security,’ someone once said. That is the individual who will work for a huge security firm for minimum wage before being assigned to a client’s property and expected to look after their best interests.

The average cost of a security guard

The way security contracts are procured has evolved over time. Clients are now more likely to discuss their security needs with a salesperson rather than with someone who truly understands what they require. A key accounts manager in charge of gaining new contracts will start at £42,000 per year, whereas the person you truly need to look after your firm might be paid £5.75 per hour.The cost of a security guard service is determined by a variety of factors. As an example, the average cost of a security guard in the United  video security system  Kingdom might range from £25 to £150 per hour.Some companies charge hourly rates, while others provide a fixed quote, but it’s always a good idea to obtain a definite estimate before proceeding. This allows you to successfully manage your money and avoid unwanted surprises.

Factors that affect the cost of hiring security staff include

You may notice a large difference in the costs shown above; this is due to the fact that the cost of a security measure is affected by a number of factors.Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, the type of security  security jobs edmonton   guard you need, their expertise, and the resources you’ll need.Significant events, for example, may require more than one member of staff with crowd control skills. Security guards who are properly trained in dealing with disturbances when minors are present are required at events where youngsters are likely to be present.

Services are needed

Security guards are responsible for a wide range of tasks. This more thorough degree of security is likely to need a greater budget if you need an in-depth and hands-on approach to every aspect of site safety.When venues are closed or not in use, other sites require simple monitoring, though nightly patrols are not required.


Due to the added travel time required by your security officer, a remote location may be more expensive to guard. Depending on  security license edmonton  how open a facility is to the public and how many entry and exit points are available, some will pose unique obstacles, while others will have more stringent security requirements. Following are some examples of location-based service variations: Private access sections will have to be blocked off or guarded for public events held in large buildings such as corporate headquarters or schools. Entrance security, pass or ticket verification, and inspection of tickets or passes will be required at ticketed or restricted admission locations.

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