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Cannabis Security System

Ways to Improve the Cannabis Security System

Health should be the utmost priority for every individual; however, there are certain factors that affect health in one way or another. Age, environment, accidental issues, and other natural disasters require medicinal aid for healing & life support and Cannabis Security System. The usage of medicine and other medical supplies has increased in recent years as infections or seasonal outbreaks require strong antibiotics to fight.  

Cannabis security for Dispensaries is essential to deal with issues in the supply chain handling and within-store security concerns. Central Protection Services is offering Retail Cannabis security with trained and expert staff in Edmonton, Alberta, Fort Mcmurray, Saskatoon, and other allied regions. Cannabis security services must be in compliance with the rules and regulations in Canada. Being a heavily-invested business, security for cannabis retailers has become a challenging issue. 

Challenges to the Cannabis Security System

The huge industry has huge challenges to deal with; Cannabis security for dispensaries has a lot of challenges related to Canadian regulations that need to resolve before running the cycle smoothly; the challenges include:

  • Cannabis facility has imprecise or obsolete tracking logs for visitors, security, or waste.
  • Commercial fails to make accessible all required financial corporate documentation per federal as well as state mandates.
  • Employees do not enter all cannabis and linked products into the state-mandated inventory tracking system or description for all differences.
  • Retailed cannabis and products do not contain all essential safety warnings and public health declarations as required by law.
  • The business’s scrutiny cameras do not offer perfect, unobstructed images of the property leading to blind spots and obstacles.

Ways to improve the Retail Cannabis Security

Retail cannabis security is essential as the stores are the most vulnerable targets. This is because the industry has a very cash-reliant process. Consequently, Cannabis security services are the top priority for this industry.

Here are 9 ways security executives can safeguard cannabis establishments, with expert insights:


    Cannabis Security Services should ensure that their staff is properly competent, via virtual training and drills, to offer adequate Cannabis security for dispensaries in accordance with the applicable state laws. The Cannabis security system must respond to a variety of incidents in an efficient way; such as:

    1. Vigorous shooters, or individuals attempting to kill people in a narrowed space;
    2. Crimes, or theft involving illegal entry, usually when the premise is closed; and
    3. Burglaries, or theft with power or threat of force when a store is open.

    Furthermore, in some states, some member training is state-mandated for all staff and focuses on both cannabis security features and de-escalating circumstances.

    • Video Surveillance and Lighting

    Moreover, cannabis security services should certify their cannabis competence has a high-quality 24/7 video surveillance arrangement to safeguard products, possessions, and people. Canadian state laws command the type of surveillance required with how long the recording should be archived. Frequently, outdoor and indoor surveillance is required for a good warning of employee theft. Progressive technologies Cannabis security system should consider include:

    1. Correct perimeter lighting is also acclaimed.
    2. 360-degree cannabis security cameras for surveillance to cover large areas;
    3. Focal cameras, which are the finest in point-of-sale regions;
    4. Cloud, or the capacity to store surveillance footage tenuously;
    5. Video analytics, which picks up doubtful activities such as vehicles moving into a fastened facility’s parking lot;
    6. Isolated access whereby one worker can check multiple sites;
    7. Talk-down skill, or the capability to talk down to interlopers, classifying their description and warning them to leave or forces will be contacted;
    8. Dismissed servers or backup motivations are available in case one stops functioning; and
    9. Progressive GPS tracking for notes and high-priced cannabis products requiring cannabis security services.
    • Security Guards

    Cannabis security services can decide to have armed or unarmed security guards defending the entrance based on Canadian laws and regulations during the busiest times. Some hire off-duty crime squad officers.

    Security guards can support clashes between customers, medical issues, and slip-and-fall occurrences and can support de-escalate other anxious situations. 

    cannabis security guard services
    • Quality Control

    Security for Cannabis retailers should work with cannabis amenities in following valid state laws to certify the quality of products. Amenities should follow state law as they check for:

    1. Pesticides
    2. Mildew
    3. Microbials
    4. Mold
    5. Metals


    Retail Cannabis Security professionals should guarantee the industry has proper locking instruments. Retail dealings may require clients to be buzzed in, and refinement areas are often compulsory to have certain types of barriers. Moreover, states may have supplies for certain types of keypad access locks, needing access control recordkeeping.

    Securing Product

    Cannabis Security services should work with cannabis facility administration to confirm it is locked in a vault when the industry is closed making encrypted premises.


    Cannabis Security Company Edmonton professionals should be at the vantage point for scammers that can impersonate businesses selling illegal medicines and use fake websites. Others will act to be owners of cannabis trades, many of whom are not keenly involved in their businesses, deceiving managers and employees to offer them cannabis or money.

    Cyber-Risk and Data Privacy

    Cannabis businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks, which are just as grim as physical security concerns. However, assailants who provide proof that clients have purchased medical marijuana could harm their reputations. A ransomware outbreak could also make a company’s computer systems unachievable unless the cannabis business pays a fee. 

    1. Core privacy program including information about a company accumulates on individuals and how it is used;
    2. Transcribed information security policy and procedures on certifying confidential data is endangered and who is caring it;
    3. Website privacy warning and terms and conditions as well as information collected on websites regarding clients
    4. Multifactor authentication offers additional security on websites
    5. Oral confirmation of wire transfer instructions
    6. Training to confirm employees are properly taught company actions;
    7. Penetration testing creates simulated cyberattacks to display vulnerabilities that need to be resolved
    8. Cyber insurance covers business accountability for a data breach, counting sensitive customer information.

    Central Protection Services offers cannabis security services with training, video surveillance, security guards, lighting, quality control, locks, securing product, and fraud. However, security experts should consult their native state government for appropriate regulations.

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