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What Professional Security Guards Can and Can’t Do?

Many duties and obligations have commonalities between the security guards and the police officers. Both supposed to maintain the law and order situation for the places where they deploy. The boundary line between job descriptions is rather blurry not sharp. Here we discuss the jobs that security guard is permitted to do and the ones which not allow for the security guards. Our security company Security Services Edmonton Canada has compiled some data and throws light on this issue.

So in Below,  We will describe the acts, which a security guard can do

1. Protection of property

Protection of properties, businesses, retail stores, government and private organizations, and the university campuses is the primary job of the security guards. In these premises, they can stop suspicious persons from entering the premises. Further, they can check the entrants whether they have any illegal objects like ammunition and other explosives. In case such material is found, they can detain a person for some time and call the law enforcement agencies to intimate the matter. Apart from that, these security guards can also arbitrate the minor quarrels and brawls that erupt from time to time on these premises.

It is very important that their language should be very polite and decent. However, they must be very good in communication skills so that the purpose must be served without hurting anybody. Our security guards at Security Guard Edmonton in Canada are very expert. They know very their job description. They limit their activities within the law.

2. Detention of a person

Security guards are normally deployed to maintain the law and order situation on the different businesses, assets, university campuses, banks, and the other healthcare settings, etc. it is very natural that some rascals, thieves, and armed robbers come to these points in order to commit the crimes they have thought of. Here the primary duty of these security guards is to have a sharp and vigilant look over all the activities that are going on. These security guards frequently take help of the surveillance video cameras installed on the different security points. Besides, they also use different metal detectors. Suspicious activity caught by these cameras, these guards suppose to detain the person concern and ask about their whereabouts, what is the purpose of their coming here. In case, they could not give any satisfactory answers, they detain for further investigation.

Meanwhile, both the on-site management and the other relevant law enforcement agencies would be called to investigate the matter in detail. Do contact our security company Security Services Edmonton Canada in order to safeguard the different business premises. They well traine and have a long experience.

3. Usage of reasonable force

The primary duty of the security guards is to observe the activities which are going on the different businesses, assets, and other security points. On these businesses, costly objects are lying which is the focus of many potential thieves, robbers, and other miscreants. Sometimes, these evil-minded persons commit crimes to steal or rob these costly objects from the business sites.  Here, the role of security guards is very critical. They do not suppose to use their ammunition indiscriminately. They have trained in such a way that they can use their force in a very limited and reasonable way. Further, they can only use this ammunition in a defensive way. They have to use this force in the minimum possible way.

4. Arrest of a citizen

A security guard can arrest a citizen if he/she commits some criminal activity. But this arrest will happen for a very limited time. Immediately, the police call so that they may carry the criminal person to the police station for further inquiry.

Below we will describe the acts, which a security guard can’t do.

5. Detention of citizens for a long time

Security guards are expected to maintain the law and order situation on the different businesses and the other assets. They watch the behavior of different activities minutely. Sometimes, the potential thieves and robbers come to these security points with evil intentions. The primary job of these security guards is to resist these activities. If some miscreant caught in some illegal activity, these security guards can’t detain them for a long time. They can only detain them for the time unless the police do not come to the security points. For the security of your businesses, hire us at Security Services Edmonton Canada.

6. Indiscriminate and unreasonable use of force

Frequently, these guards face the poor security situation on the business premises. They can’t use their force in an indiscriminate way. Further, their usage of force should not be unreasonable. They are expected to use their force in a very logical way so that minimum loss may occur.

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