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Why is IoT Security very Important?

The internet of things (IoT) technology has revolutionized our entire way of living. Through this relatively new technology, different devices ranging from children’s toys to the alarm in the cars or microwave in the kitchens can connect with each other and exchange data with the help of a public network like the internet. This idea started in the back 20th century but is now showing bright prospects for the future of humanity. This stems from the fact due to the fast-growing consumer adaptability.

According to a study, the IoT devices which have been connected with each other amount to a whopping 25 billion in the year 2015. Further, it is estimated that this number has grown to 50 billion now due to giants like Amazon and Google.

The benefits of IoT include increased productivity and efficiency, reduced rates of crime due to different human errors. However, the dark side is that this technology is under the threat from potential hackers and miscreants. Our company Security Services Edmonton Canada has complied with the primary reasons why IoT security is of utmost importance. Further, there is a dedicated wing of specialists who have the expertise to give IoT security solutions to potential businesses, organizations, facilities, and enterprises.

1. Importance of data

Data is the most precious entity for businesses, enterprises, and other facilities. The governments and the other sensitive military organizations are using this technology to carry out a lot of operations. Like military drones whereas, the hospitals and diverse healthcare facilities are using these devices to render excellent healthcare services. Further, data is that shared across the different sectors via state-of-the-art technology of IoT. For example, in the setting of the smart car business, its manufacturers design these cars in such a way that data may be shared among the different cars and from the cars to the smart parking services and vice versa. Moreover, the insurance companies of the cars have a great interest in this data due to the fact that the concerned policyholders can claim their compensation in case their car undergoes an accident.

This frequent sharing of data with the help of the IoT devices makes them a potential prey for the different hackers and miscreants. In the worst case,  if data of little company grabbed by hackers it effects the whole world companies likewise. Do contact Security Guard Edmonton in Canada

Because, we have a special team to face the IoT devices hackers and handle the situations that occurs in terms of hacking. Our squad nice feature is that it takes input of security threats used by the hackers in the IoT paradigm. And after that try to mitigate their nest.

2. Loopholes of IoT devices

Billions IoT devices are using in the world now a days. But the security in them is a great problem which must be addressed. The hackers always try to get an opportunity to complete scenario to grab the costly data. We can take the instance of baby monitors. The designers of hardware devices have to confront with the persistent challenge of the lack of hardware that is so much powerful that can encrypt data which is suitable for the small spaces.

An other loophole and vulnerability is that the home wifi networks can be accessed by these hackers via some unsecured devices in order to monitor the home surveillance cameras for the sake of committing some crime. Besides, the programming protocols are based on the ecosystems of hosts like Amazon, Apple and Google. The deficiency of coordination confines the capability of designers to come up with uniform security protocol. From this setting, hackers have the access of many platforms. Through which they can breach the security mechanisms of the devices and can grasp the data worth the billions.

3. Hackers are a great barrier to the agenda of IoT

The ultimate goal of IoT technology is to create a state-of-the-art and well-coordinated smart city. With this lofty goal in mind, any device or machine can be connected. That used in the medical healthcare providers, government agencies, businesses and small home networks. But, different vulnerabilities acting a great barrier to the fulfilment of the agenda of IoT.

The different hackers use these vulnerabilities to have an illegal access over the data. That result in the loss of billions of dollars per year.  Our security company at Security Guard Edmonton in Canada has compiled the latest threats from the hackers’ community. That is why, they provide the state of the art solutions to our potential customers. Besides, our company provides the customized solutions to our customers, which fit nicely to their specific needs.

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