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Why retail stores hires Asset Protection Security guard?

Asset Protection acts as a key to customer loyalty. The consumers today demand a product when they need, want a friction-less shopping friendly environment, judge a product, and can guarantee hassle-free returns. Therefore, top deal with such situations, we offer the best security services Edmonton. In most cases, providing an ideal experience for the customer results in direct disputes with protecting the product from theft and loss. Therefore, in such scenarios, Asset Protection is helping in several ways to get the right balance.

Customers and associates enjoy working in a safe and secure environment. However, Asset Protection is dependent upon several training programs to reduce the risk of injury to the customers and employees. The significant challenges handled by Asset Protection are Safe lifting techniques, parking lot security, or managing disappointed customers. Therefore, the Central Protection Services offers the best security companies Calgary. You should always go for elite security services to ensure the safety of your retail market.

Most of the retailers face some of the other risks to build a brand reputation because of the numerous transactions with the customers every day, and anyone of these transactions can lead to a consumer crisis. Asset Protection now initiates most of the transactions, and they are continuously examining how Diversity and Inclusion programs may result in positive outcomes. The Canadian protection services are in high-demand for all the retail stores to ensure safety. We ensure to offer the best Edmonton security services to all the retail shops.

Below are some of the essential things you can do to ensure safety in your retail store-

Do not work alone anytime in the store

There are chances that a thief will think twice about implementing his dark plan if he finds more than one person inside a store. It is because he has to manage two or more people while executing his plan and to rob the store with merchandise.

Therefore, we recommend to not have at least less than two people in the store at a given time. It is obvious that you need to pay extra for security guards to hire, but the precaution is always worth the extra money. If possible try to hire Edmonton security guards to provide extra protection to your store. You can find them through security guard companies Edmonton.

Installing a security system

It is always recommended to hire armed security guards and install excellent security protection services as you must not be available all the time in the store. For most of the robbers, it is enough to disappoint them to rob your store by installing a sound security system. You will find some good systems to ensure security services in Calgary.

However, you should keep in mind that a security system doesn’t perform well if you don’t set it correctly. Hence, you should ensure to arm it when the store is closed. Do not just install it for a showpiece, grab its full advantages and features. High-skilled robbers know when the security system is working or not, therefore, do not take a risk.

Always leave the lights on

There are chances for any business that anything can happen when lights are off. However, if you leave a few lights on even when the store is closed, it can give a message to any visitor passing by that some activity is going on. You need not leave all the lights on; just a few of them are enough to trick the robbers.

Make regular deposits

If you are leaving a lot of money in the store, the potential robbers will always be tempted to break-in. Whereas, if you have less cash kept in the store, they will likely head towards somewhere else where they can find more money.

Provide necessary training to your staff members

It becomes challenging to deal with a robbery plan if the employees of your store are not ready for it. Therefore, to respond in such situations make them available with some practical ideas.

However, train your employees completely but let them know that their lives are more important than money. Therefore, as far as life is concerned, it is fine that the thieves should rob the money without making any customers unhurt. You should inform them about the exit plans of the building and train them to contact the police and leave the building in an emergency.

Install Sensors

It is advised to install high-quality sensors in your store items to prevent any kind of burglary. These sensors are capable of going off when the items are illegally removed from its place. So installing them will avoid the loss of any merchandise.

You should keep in mind that apart from customers, the employees too are prone to steal the things from the store. Therefore, you should try to put a limit on their bag size and ask them to keep their bags away at the time of their shifts.


In retail shops, it is always advised to protect the business, your customers, and even your employees against any type of theft and damage. The impact of thieves and robbers resulted in a major security issue for most of the retailers.

Therefore, if you need any kind of retail store security help, you can always contact Central Protection Services or call at 1 (888) 401 9555. We highly ensure that our solutions will protect your hard-earned profits and improve the safety of your store, customers, and employees.