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Benefits of Video Monitoring at Construction Sites

Construction sites have many expensive pieces of equipment, and they employ many workers who work in accident-prone conditions of the site. The topmost priority of the construction site manager and owner is to ensure the safety of the site, equipment, and employees. One of the best ways of doing that is installing video monitoring systems at the sites that offer many benefits.

Crime Deterrence

The primary benefit of any video monitoring at a construction site is that it can significantly deter crime. Construction sites have many expensive pieces of equipment, machinery, and materials that can are susceptible to theft or vandalism.

When a criminal notices video monitoring systems such as CCTV cameras, they are less likely to commit the intended crime. Many studies have found that video monitoring can reduce crime by as much as 16%, so the benefit of video surveillance is immense.

Post-Crime Evidence

Even if the vandal or criminal commits the crime, video surveillance systems allow you to record the criminal activity footage in high definition. The same can help law enforcement agencies analyze the event and look for any evidence that may support them to catch the criminal. Remember, law enforcement agencies value recorded footage over verbal testimonies since a camera cannot lie.

Liability Protection

Construction sites are prone to accidents, despite following the highest levels of the Canadian OHS standards. Sometimes, an accident may injure a worker or engineer who may file a lawsuit against you. While they have the complete right to safety and file a lawsuit if they are injured, some workers may try to take advantage of their rights to extort money from the construction site manager and owner.

Here, the video surveillance systems can help you analyze the incident in great detail to see if it was really an accident, or was the incident manipulated to support a lawsuit. The same footage can stand in court while fighting the lawsuit. This can save the project thousands of dollars in legal fees and damage fines.

Insurance Benefits

Of course, everything on a construction site is insured so that the organization or the owner does not lose money in case of theft or accidents. However, insurance can be expensive. Here, video monitoring systems can be of great help.

Many insurance agencies offer benefits and discounts to sites that use video monitoring systems. After all, video monitoring systems work as insurance for you and the insurance provider in case an accident, theft, or damage occurs on-site, saving both parties a lot of stress and money.

Workflow Management

Lastly, video surveillance systems can help construction site managers monitor the work of the engineers and workers. If the workers know they are being monitored, they tend not to get lazy and cut corners around work. They will work more efficiently. This will immensely benefit the project by improving workflow management and improving the quality of the project.

With a high-tech video monitoring system, you can prevent crime, help law enforcement agencies with evidence, protect yourself from dishonest lawsuits, and improve the construction site’s work environment. If these benefits impress you, contact Central Protection, a leading security services provider that can help you install the best-in-class video surveillance systems at your construction site.