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Why You Need Security Guard for Your Luxury Yacht?


Having a luxury yacht is not an easy task since it costs around a whopping amount of $200 million. Besides, its maintenance requires extra cost. One of the very important facets of its maintenance is a concern about its security. Piracy and other kinds of armed robberies are a usual phenomenon both at the ports and the sea. Due to this fact, the owners, captains, crews, managers, and other staff members are very concerned and anxious about the security of their yachts.

There are many examples when someone’s luxurious and costly yacht was looted and plundered by the pirates and resultantly, the owner went into intense depression, a debt which ultimately led to his death in some worst cases. So, precautionary measures must be taken for the integrity and the safeguard of the yachts. Our security company Security Services Edmonton Canada has deliberated on this hot issue and has come up with some strong and logical reasons that why someone needs the security of his luxury yacht?

1. Security against pirates

Piracy is on the constant rise throughout the world. These pirates have the very latest and sophisticated weapons at their disposal. Apart from that, they have very state of the art technology with which they can easily figure out the time and place of some yacht to reach. Once their technology informs them that some yacht is going to reach a certain point, they attack that yacht to grab the currency notes, gold, and other valuables.

Sometimes, they also damage the interior of the yacht causing a huge financial loss to its owner. Further, other persons like captain, managers, crew, and other staff are also under constant threat from these pirates. If you really want to make your yacht secured from these pirates, do contact us. We have a fleet of fully professional security guards who have a long experience of securing the yachts both at the ports and at the seas. Our security company Security Guard Edmonton in Canada is very well versed in the varied threats of real-time piracy. Hire our security guards who have long experience of combatting different threats of armed piracy in the waters.

2. Personal protection

Besides the security of the yacht, your personal protection is also of the utmost importance. If you are the owner of a luxury yacht, are you not yourself an important person? Definitely, you are. Hence measures must be taken for the safety and security of your own personality. Pirates and the other sea robbers may have a plan to kidnap the owner of a yacht so that they may demand a huge ransom for his liberation. This is not fiction, all this happened frequently in the past times.

If you want the security of your yacht and yourself. We will provide you a full package that will secure you very well from these hazards. Do contact our security company Security Services Edmonton Canada who is fully aware of the dynamics of armed piracy and robbery. One of the salient features of our company is that we will give you a thorough plan for your security by taking every kind of input into it.

3. Security against the crowd and other brawls

Apart from the constant threat of piracy, occasionally different crowds and other gatherings happen on the yacht. Besides, sometimes, some people also quarrel with each other due to different petty issues. Hence there must be security guards who can arbitrate these quarrels and brawls. This is the norm of the world that wherever there are gatherings, there must be someone who can safeguard them from diverse threats.

Our security guards at Security Guard Edmonton in Canada will provide a state of the art. And the most sophisticated security to your luxury yacht. The guard of our company is competent enough to arbitrate any quarrel or brawl which may arise in your yacht. Apart from that, they have excellent communication skills which help a lot in stopping such kinds of disputes and brawls. 

Do contact our security company who has a dedicated wing to provide the security of your luxury yachts. Specifically, we will provide to your crew a state of the art training in which they would be made to learn how to combat some real-time piracy. Apart from that, we will also train them about technical surveillance countermeasures. Through this training, the crew of your yacht would know in advance the potential threat which is going to come to your yacht. Moreover, our fully trained security guards would also guide you about the armed counter-piracy. The reason for this is that the pirates are normally fully armed people. They must be countered by the crew who too should be fully armed.

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