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5 Signs You Chose a Wrong Neighborhood Patrol Service


Security is the major concern for all businesses, university campuses, enterprises, shopping malls, and other government and private organizations all over the world. No doubt, static security guards stationed at the business facilities 24/7 do a great job of security. But they can’t cope with the intricacies and other subtleties of the grave threats from the miscreants. This is the mobile patrol service that complements the static security guards at some business facility. There are a plethora of mobile patrol services in the neighborhood. Of course, not all these services are excellent. After thorough and sweeping deliberation, our security company has identified the major signs which indicate that you have chosen the wrong neighborhood patrol service. For Mobile Patrol Edmonton, we recommend avoiding those companies that have the following traits.

1. Lazy in emergency response

If some emergency situation occurs on some business facility, static guards stationed at the facility deal with the messy situation with the help of mobile patrol service. In this scenario, both the major components of the security mechanism respond according to the gravity of the deteriorating situation. If in such a situation, the mobile patrol service does not respond immediately and does not come to the emergency scene then this is a great sign of their poor service and performance. Potential service companies must avoid these types of services. For the best Neighborhood Security Patrol, kindly contact our company. Our company has agile personals.

2. Poorly trained guards

Foiling any emergency situation requires good training on the part of the security personnel. This training comprised the combination of both courage and acumen. If some emergency situation has not been handled with a good combination of both of these traits then it reflects that the mobile patrol service is poorly trained. Further, in peaceful situations, these guards are expected to visit the site after irregular periods so that it may remain as a potential threat to the would-be thieves and robbers. If this service does not exercise this practice, then it again indicates poor training on their part. For an ideal Vehicle Patrol, do contact us to boost the security of your businesses and enterprises.

3. Lack of coordination

Coordination is a great feature of any security mechanism. Well-coordinated response is most important in security agenies companies. If the mobile patrol service has no coordination with both the static security guards and the on-site management then it again depicts the poor coordination of the mobile patrol service. They may become a source of great loss to the business facilities. For the best and ideal security personnel, call the Mobile Patrol Edmonton of our security company. Our guards are fully aware of the value of coordination in the security spheres.

4. Poor uniform and language

These are yet other signs of the wrong neighborhood patrol service. A good uniform and professional language is the underlying trait of good mobile patrol services. If this is not the case in some security service then it again indicates the poor service and someone has engaged the wrong mobile patrol service.

5. Salary and retention of the security staff

Accordingly, These features in a sense indirectly mirror the quality of the security company. Sometimes, the employees of some security company, particularly of security staff, are not satisfied with their own company. Further, they are not paid on time and the security staff does not retain for a long time. It again depicts the poor neighborhood mobile patrol service. So, business facilities should also consider this extrinsic factor while hiring any mobile patrol service.


In the conclusion, we do recommend you contact us for the best security solutions for your enterprises and businesses. We have well-trained security personals as per market strategy.

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