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Types of access control systems you need to use

Security planners have a long-range of options to suit the particular security requirements given the list of authorized persons and the lists of different kinds of zones. We, being the Best Security Guard Company Edmonton, has compiled a list of the access control systems with their accompanying advantages and the niches where they are applied.

1. Manual access control system

This is the most simple and straightforward system in which different persons like stewards, doormen, or other customer service agents perform their duties. These people permit the incoming persons to enter based on the already decided criterion. Our company is the Top Security Service Edmonton which always tries to come up with the best solutions for your security problems. We make no wheel unturned while designing the solution to your problem.

2. Mechanical access control system

This is another access control system that is mechanical in character. Our company is the Best Security Guard Company Edmonton. Our approach is purely holistic while designing any security solution. We take input of every material facts and figure of your enterprise while making the security solution. Moreover, do contact us for cost-effective solutions to your problems.

3. Electronic access control systems

For the premises and enterprises requiring high-tech security requirements, these systems are employed. In these systems, the users are given chips, cards, or fobs for their entrance. Sometimes, their figure prints and face prints are taken to store in the database. The potential bona fide users use one of these things in order to enter the building. Apart from that, the record of the people with both date and time is transparently stored in the gadgets which can be used in the future for different purposes.

Being the Top Security Service Edmonton, we address your concerns about the security of your businesses. After thorough deliberation, we recommend either a single access control system or their combination depending upon the nature of your problem.

4. Mechatronic access control systems

Mechatronic stands for both mechanical and electrical technologies. These are the hybrid systems based on both the mechanical and electrical components. These systems have rich security requirements.

Some nuclear facilities for instance. Once the electronic system validates that the user is bonafide and there is no security breach, only then the user uses his/her key or any other mechanical gadgetry to open the door.

5. Physical access control systems

Believed that, lock and other access control systems are doing a great job for the security of the people. To combat such kinds of threats from the outlaws, the concept of physical access control systems becomes very handy. A lot of such access systems exist like revolving doors, sensor barriers, security interlocks, half-height turnstiles, full-height turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, etc.

Do contact us for the best security solutions for your businesses, campuses, enterprises, factories, and shopping malls, etc. Don’t leave your assets on the whims and caprices of the ubiquitous miscreants. They always engage to spot some opportunity to realize their malicious designs. We are here to give you the optimal and customized solutions for your security problems.

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