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How to apply for Alberta Basic Security License?

Security has become one of the hottest issues for all governments, businesses, university campuses, enterprises to name a few. Security guards are the most potent entities to safeguard the premises of these buildings. These guards carry out a lot of tasks like monitoring, patrolling, guarding, etc. Further, they assume a lot of designations like alarm responder, patrol dog handler, loss prevention worker, fire extinguisher, etc. To work in these designations, one must have a license. Our Security Services Edmonton Canada has worked for this purpose in order to help and facilitate those people who are willing to start their career in some security agency. The text below will help a lot for such people.

Before applying for the Alberta Basic Security License, many things need to be considered in order to make the application strong. According to the Security Services and Investigators Act (SSIA), persons who are willing to work in the security services. They must have an Alberta Basic Security License. Underlying requirements needs to fulfill to get license. Our security company Security Guard Edmonton in Canada has compiled the basic requirements in this regard.

SSIA Provincial Examination

In order to qualify for a license, all the interested applicants in Alberta must go through a 40-hour mandatory training course. Besides, these candidates can also show proof of having equivalent training. After that, those applicants must have to successfully pass the SSIA Provincial Examination.

Central Protection has a pool of expert educationists and trainers at its disposal. Moreover, many retired security guards and seasoned trainers are also part of this pool. These people have long experience in education and give training to different people. Their track record shows that they have successfully trained hundreds of people who passed their exams and doing their security jobs. They are very handy to educate the applicants. So they may successfully answer the questions asked in the exams.

Security Programs Department

After people get education and training from our company, we also guide them on how to apply for the license. Further, how to address the varied requirements of the application process? Security Programs department (Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General) issues the licenses to the successful candidates.

One more point to note is that the training courses must have accreditation from the Province of Alberta (under SSIA Course License #AT000520). Apart from that, the training requirements needs to match. Our company has both the accreditation and the training requirements from the relevant bodies.

SSIA provincial exams are taken in both the online mode and in-class mode at the chosen centers in Alberta. As the training courses are completed, our company guides the candidates in registering for the exam. Further, Alberta training course includes all the registration and training fees by default.

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Join our Security Services in Edmonton Canada to get the real spirit of education and training. Our trained people climb their job ladder speedily. Apart from that, we also guide and support these people on how can they get the required scores in the exams.

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