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Secrets To Hiring Best Security Guards

If you’re considering hiring best security guards, there are a few things to consider. One is that most states need police to be licensed, so it’s always a good idea to double-check that any guards you hire have a valid license. Here are some more useful hints. Conduct an interview with each officer candidate. Even if a vendor claims to provide you with qualified officers, it’s a good idea to meet the folks who will be protecting your personal property and, more crucially, your employees and customers. Have each applicant participate in a role-playing exercise. Make a list of potential scenarios that could occur at your place. Forcing the applicant to respond first-hand is a good idea. Do not allow it to happen. Make the effort to conduct both personal and professional security services Edmonton  background checks. Make the calls personally, if possible.

The more screening you conduct, the less likely you are to encounter difficulties. Look for security guards who have experience working in your immediate area. If you engage in property management, for example, make sure your officers have worked in security for real estate management firms. They will be more able to know how to handle themselves if they have more direct experience. When interviewing candidates, take your time. In one minute, anyone can be impressive. However, if you spend quality time with your guard applicants, questioning them with attention, you will be rewarded.

BIGGER DOESN’T ALWAYS Equate to Best Security Guards

Having a large physical presence comes in useful when handling crowd control or trying to manage hordes of shouting teens. However, not all “close protection specialists” must be the size of a pro wrestler.  the founder of Guardian Professional Security in Florida and former Security Guard Company Edmonton head of security for 50 Cent, adds, “It really depends on the client.” “It’s similar to looking for a car. Sometimes they want a large SUV, and other times they want something that blends in. Not a monster, but a regular-looking guy in clothes who isn’t wearing an earpiece.”

TMZ is a FAVORITE of SOME Best Security Guards

 a celebrity news and gossip website, can be a great resource for security professionals who work with celebrities. “I adore TMZ,” says . “It’s a gold mine for me to discover who has had issues with bodyguards or who has been arrested.” Such information is excellent for generating customer leads. Also believes that the site’s well-organized team of photographers might serve as a suitable training ground for security drills. “You can view paparazzi video security as a threat, even if they aren’t, and consider how you’d deal with it.” Furthermore, having cameras present at a site prior to the arrival of a celebrity can sometimes reveal information leaks in their operation: If photographers are given advance warning, is willing to work with them.


Being surrounded by a group of serious-looking folks isn’t necessary for everyone. It’s a status symbol comparable to an expensive watch or a fast automobile. When there is no threat, firms will occasionally receive inquiries from people searching for a way to stand out by employing a fleet of guards. Chisel describes it as a “luxury amenity.” “It’s more of a ‘Look at me, look at them’ situation,”  agreed. “There is no real danger. It all comes down to the show. Those I decline. We provide actual security.”


When deciding whether or not to hire a new employee, I’ve seen guys do things they shouldn’t.” “They do it to get noticed.” Bodyguards who share images of themselves with customers on social media Security Services Edmonton risk losing their jobs: no one will take a seriously. Recalls the one occasion he smirked while guarding the same client for a 12-year period, something so unusual that his boss noticed. “It’s just not the side you show on the job.”


Don’t assume a performer is footing the bill the next time you see him or her surrounded by menacing personal protection personnel. “A lot of celebrities can’t afford full-time protection referring to the round-the-clock security provided by his and other agencies. “Sometimes it’s the film Armed Security Guard Services or television show they’re working on that pays for it. They either lose everything or start getting the bare minimum once the performance is over.”

Worker in Cyber Security Guards

Because you don’t want hackers to know what they’re up against, cybersecurity professionals must keep their methods for protecting digital files and critical electronic security guards company infrastructure hidden. What you’ll require: A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related discipline is usually required, as is employment experience in a related sector.