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5 Steps to Increase Security of Construction Site

In Canada, construction site thefts cost the construction industry close to $45 million annually. Though the construction site thefts are not as common, the equipment that get stolen are generally expensive. And the losses can average anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 per robbery.

In such a scenario, hiring only security guards that sit at the gateways may not be enough. Specific additional security measures should be implemented to ensure the highest level of security for your construction site. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

1. Keep the Site Well Lit

Construction sites offer intruders many dark places to hide so they can be unseen by the security guards. Keeping the site well lit during the night allows your security guards to look over the entire site with ease, even from a distance.

2. Use Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are vital equipment for the safety of your construction site, and you may already have CCTV cameras in place to record any intrusions. You can improve this by installing motion detectors around your construction site. Not only do they allow you to survey the site more efficiently, but they also alert all security staff present on the site if they detect unauthorized movement anywhere on the site.

3. Use Geofencing and GPS Tracking

Similarly, you should also install GPS trackers in the construction site vehicles like trucks and cranes so you can always track their position using your phone or computer. As for your heavy equipment, you can geofence them using other types of GPS trackers. Once geofenced, they will stop functioning if they exit the predetermined perimeter and alert you when they do that.

4. Install Fences and Signages

Fences are the class way of securing sites, so they must not be ignored. Merely installing a perimeter fence around your site that is high, and lined with barbed wire, can significantly reduce the chances of intrusion on your construction site.

Similarly, installing signages indicating the illegality of intrusion and the consequences can also deter intruders or thieves from entering the premises. This works more on a psychological level, but it does prevent theft on your construction site.

5. Improve the Security Plan

Lastly, you need to reassess the security plan. Consider and evaluate the significant at-risk components of your construction site, and focus your security measures to secure them first. The security plan must include coordination procedures with the local police authority and quick response procedures. You must also have your security staff conduct regular drills so they can always be ready to address any situation.

Incorporate these components into your security plan of the construction site, and you will deter theft and vandalism. To ease the trouble of revamping the construction site security, contact Central Protection. We are a leading security service provider in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia, with immense expertise in securing construction sites across the provinces.