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COVID-19 vs Security in Edmonton

Everyone knows coronavirus pandemic is causing an extraordinary level of business and economic disruption, from local businesses and communities to global supply chains—and that’s before you get to the health care industry scare itself and its impacts on every family and business.

But security guard service is being reduced in different areas and angles, in other places security services are being viewed as more essential than before. Re-Implementation seems to be the norm among the service companies interviewed, and the crisis is impacting the industry in ways that could not have been foreseen as recently as a few weeks ago. We know a very hard time but Central Protection Services came to the front line and defend businesses in a critical situation.

Protecting Security Officers:

The first thing of the day for the Central Protection Service has been making sure their security officers remain safe and healthy, particularly, but not exclusively, those who are serving the healthcare centers and hospital sector. No doubt this COVID-19 pandemic hitting people in every single sector, in every area. We can say COVID-19 vs Security in Edmonton or Security Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Calgary.

Shifting Operations:

CPS sales reporting increased demand at healthcare, hospitals, banks, retails stores, grocers and for some hotel properties, and decreased demand at some retailers, and for educational, government, aviation, office building, and special event or gathering.

Business Operations:

CPS has put into place a Business Continuity Planning system to ensure client service and security officer support remains uninterrupted, with work from home and remote workplaces option for main operational teams to ensure that they meet most important methods to avoid the serious situation is social distancing guidelines, along with employee separation plans for co-located management and support departments. To ensure continuity of the supply chain so that security officers remain healthy and safe and properly supported, CPS is working closely with key suppliers of technology, uniforms, and operational supplies.

Financial Crises:

Security Guard companies are facing a number of financial shifts related to COVID-19 as well. One potential opportunity could be overtime hours in sectors and geographic areas where customers need more help. Managing staffing levels will be a challenge going forward. A lot of employees don’t want to do work in these situations and preferred to stay at home.

Longterm Circumstances: 

Overall, We see the coronavirus pandemic as the most challenging situation the security guard industry has faced in career, even compared to the 1987 stock market crash or the 2008-09 Great Recession.

But as per job perspective Protecting security guards working in hospitals during COVID-19, and enacting effective safety protocols, has been a top priority for security companies. Safety measures have included stringent hygiene protocols and mandatory use PPE. Due to the severity of COVID-19, a number of CPS security guard are also taking precautions beyond masks and gloves. Our team fully equipped and alert in this situation.